About Salarship

We care about student personal finance.

Our goal is to make education more accessible.

Many students struggle to pay for college. Students from low-income backgrounds find it challenging to access private institutions because of tuition costs, those students often end up studying at community colleges where dropout rates are much higher.

Our attempt to contribute towards this goal involves:

Publishing credible information: We have written many in-depth articles about student personal finance. Each article is reviewed by an experienced editor who checks the sources and credibility of the information according to our editorial policy.

Gathering student jobs: We work with many employers who hire for on-demand jobs and internships. These jobs are perfect for students who want to make money on the side.

Providing personalized recommendations: We provide student jobs ideas based on personal situations such as age, area of study, and experience.

Why Salarship Is the Best Way to Find Student Jobs

Selection: Most employers do not hire students! We only gather positions that are available for students.

Quality: All jobs are paid and internships must offer real learning opportunities.

Ease of use: Fast search and direct application.

General Information

We are located in Sierre, Valais, Switzerland.

We are a for-profit organization, our commercial register number is CH-626.1.021.608-2.

Feel free to contact us here.