Find Low-Competition Jobs.

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to land a job on traditional job boards?

The truth is that all employment websites optimize for profits by promoting high-marketing budget jobs. This is very frustrating for job seekers who all end up applying for the same jobs! Employers are then sunk under hundreds of applications, and candidates rarely get a positive reply.

To solve this issue, Salarship provides employment opportunities for candidates struggling to find a job. Instead of promoting high-marketing budget jobs, we focus on gathering under-marketed jobs. Salarship allows you to discover jobs not advertised elsewhere and gain an edge over other job seekers.

Our Missions

Salarship is dedicated to achieving the following missions:

  1. Gathering accessible employment opportunities – job postings are gathered from multiple sources such as job boards, employer websites, ATS, and partners.
  2. Classifying employment opportunities – to make job postings more searchable, we create custom categories such as “jobs for college students”, “jobs for felons”, “jobs with no experience”, “part-time jobs for teens”, etc.
  3. Helpful articles for job seekers – we hire qualified writers to provide career advice on our blog.

Who Is Behind Salarship?

Salarship is the sole proprietorship of Nathan Brunner (view Linkedin profile). Our office is located in Sierre, Valais, Switzerland. is a for-profit website; our commercial register number is CH-626.1.021.608-2.

Any Questions?

For press inquiries, partnerships, bug reports, job application assistance, and other requests, feel free to contact us here.