How to Announce an Internship on LinkedIn

How to Announce an Internship on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is an excellent resource for all things business and employment. However, for both new and experienced users, it isn’t always an easy platform to navigate, and it can be challenging to know exactly what to say. If you’re looking to announce an internship on LinkedIn but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you out.

Here’s how to announce an internship on LinkedIn:

  1. Plan your timing when you post.
  2. Announce your new internship position.
  3. Give thanks to your connections.
  4. Emphasize your ambition.

Careers are all about connections, especially on a platform like LinkedIn. It’s important to know how to announce an internship on LinkedIn so you can start your career on the right foot. The rest of this article will expand on each of these steps in detail, so you can take advantage of your potential and give all the correct impressions.

1. Plan Your Timing When You Post

Timing is critical when it comes to announcing your internship on LinkedIn. People talk, and if you announce at the wrong time, it can cause some problems. 

Here are some things you should consider before making your post on LinkedIn:

  • Make sure you’ve made the proper arrangements with your old position. If you announce your new internship position before you’ve talked to your previous supervisor about leaving, then you might end up departing from that position on bad terms. This can affect your ability to get good references in the future.
  • Make sure your plans are final. It’s essential to make sure your plans are final before you make your post. If you make an internship announcement before all plans are finalized, this can affect your ability to make the most of other opportunities that might come up.
  • Post after you start the internship. When you post after you’ve already started, you can make the announcement in confidence and avoid confusing people if something falls through. Another thing to consider is that you may not like this new internship position, so don’t post until you’re sure that you’re happy with the change.

It’s crucial to plan out your timing before making your internship announcement post on LinkedIn. If you strategically plan out the timing of your LinkedIn post, you can be sure that you’re making yourself as open to opportunity as you possibly can be.

2. Announce Your New Internship Position

Now, it’s time to actually announce your new internship on LinkedIn. Here’s a good template that you can use when making your own post:

After my time at [previous position/ educational institution], I am pleased to announce that I am currently working as a [your title] for an internship at [company]. I want to thank [mentors] for walking me through this journey and helping me achieve this position.”

When creating a post to announce your new internship, there are a few things you want to make sure you do:

  • Show your skills: The phrase “show don’t tell” can be applied to more than just writing essays. When making a post on LinkedIn about a new position, you want to make a good impression on the people who see that post. Don’t mention your skills, but rather show them by giving a few details about what your position is about. You can achieve this by including the proper title instead of calling yourself an “intern.”
  • Be confident: You want to sound confident when announcing your position. This relates to timing, as we talked about earlier in the article. If you wait to make a post about your new internship after you’ve already started, you can word your announcement in a way that displays confidence. “I am currently” gives a better impression than “I will soon be,” which often sounds arrogant.
  • Display your gratitude: By thanking your mentors for all their help, you’re not only improving your relationship with those mentors, but you’re also publicly showing people on LinkedIn that you have a good attitude. This will look excellent to your connections as well as future employers.
  • Be mindful of your future: It’s important to remember that you’re on LinkedIn for a reason, and you’re most likely going through with this internship with your future job in mind. Any time you make a post on LinkedIn, you should remember your goals for the career you’d like to have in the future. This way, every post you make can be intentional, confident, and serve you well in your search for employment.

It’s crucial to be aware of these things while posting your internship announcement. When you consider these factors, you’ll give a better impression to anyone who might come across this post.

3. Give Thanks to Your Connections

We discussed the importance of displaying gratitude for your connections, but let’s expand on this.

As I mentioned earlier, connections are a huge make-or-break factor of a promising career. With the right connections and positive relationships with those connections, you can boost your opportunity for growth.

This is why it’s vital to thank anyone who might have helped you achieve this internship position. 

This can be a professor if you’re a university student, a previous supervisor if you’re coming out of another internship or a short-term job, or anyone else who might have assisted you or served as a positive reference. 

Here are some benefits that can come with thanking your connections on LinkedIn:

  • Improve your relationships with mentors. Thanking those who have helped you along your path is a wonderful way to boost your relationships with those people. They might serve as valuable resources in the future, so it’s a good idea to make sure they know how thankful you are.
  • It’s important to be grateful. Being grateful isn’t just a way to make your attitude seem positive, but rather, it’s a way to make it actually be positive. Giving thanks to people and situations that have benefited us can actually benefit our mental health and contribute to a generally positive outlook on life.
  • Paint a picture of your attitude for future employers. Because LinkedIn is a platform designed for making connections, chances are that you’ll in fact make a connection later on. If you maintain a positive attitude in your LinkedIn posts, including internship announcements, you can increase your chances of provoking positive opinions about yourself and your personality.

Here are some ways to thank your connections while announcing your new internship on LinkedIn:

  • “I’d like to thank [mentors] for walking me through this journey and helping me achieve this position.”
  • “Before I announce my new internship, I’d like to acknowledge the people who got me here. Big thanks to [mentor] and [additional mentor] for paving this path for me.”
  • “I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to reach this position if it weren’t for [mentor] and [additional mentor], so I’d like to express my gratitude.”
  • “I am pleased to express my gratitude for [mentor] as well as [mentor]. Without them, I wouldn’t have come across this opportunity.”
  • “I am pleased to thank [mentors] for all their help in the [your area of work] field. Their influence has brought me to this internship, and I’d like to express my gratitude.”

Being grateful shows that you have a good attitude and a positive perspective. Be mindful of this when you’re crafting your announcement post because it can really make such a big difference.

4. Emphasize Your Ambition

LinkedIn is all about making connections and providing those connections with good impressions of you, your skills, and your work ethic.

This is why it’s important to emphasize your ambition when announcing a new internship position.

You might want to consider adding one of these statements at the end of your post:

  • “I’d also like to express my gratitude for [company] for providing me with this position. I am eager to be a part of the [company] team during this internship.”
  • “I’m beyond grateful that I have the opportunity to work with a company like [company]. I’m excited to be a part of the team.”
  • “I’d also like to express my eagerness for this internship and how thankful I am to be a new addition to the team at [company].”
  • “I’m pleased to be a part of the team at [company] and would like to express my enthusiasm for this internship.”

Emphasizing your enthusiasm about your internship is a great way to make your announcement post make an excellent impression on its readers. But if you post about it before you get your internship, you might make the opposite impression on your readers.

This is something you want to avoid at all costs.


LinkedIn is a fantastic place to grow your career. 

With the right approach, your internship announcement can positively impact people’s ideas of you and your attitude. You should utilize this platform to provide yourself with as many growth opportunities as possible, and by following the tips we discussed in this article, you might see a pretty significant difference in the way you make and keep connections in the world of business and employment.