The Best Classes to Take in High School for Engineering

The Best Classes to Take in High School for Engineering

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There is a lot that encompasses engineering, such as mechanical, electrical, biomedical, civil, aerospace engineering, and much, much more. If you are going into any form of engineering, what electives and classes should you take?

The best electives to take in high school for engineers are classes that are hands-on and project-based, relate to science or mathematics, and any elective that relates to any form of engineering. Technology, construction, biology, microbiology, physics, and chemistry classes are the best high school electives for engineers.

Below we’ll look into some basic classes and electives you should take for engineering. We’ll also go into different engineering majors and what specific electives to look for in high school. Keep reading to find out exactly what classes you should take for any type of engineering you might go into.

High Scool Classes to Get Ready for an Engineering Degree

All high schools are different. Some schools will have you finished with different classes at different grade levels. Schools will offer different elective courses and even after-school activities. The best thing a high schooler can do is take what they can. The classes and electives we’re going to talk about offer assistance in preparing for studying engineering.

For math and sciences, take as many of the classes as you can. Start in middle school and try getting to the programs that are for students who are ahead in the average studies. Also, take your time to get into after-school programs that may further your studies of mathematics and science. Learning to love and develop a deep understanding of these topics is vital to your engineering studies. This is why some of the best high school electives for engineers are:

  • AP Calculus
  • AP Statistics
  • AP Physics
  • AP Computer Science
  • Classes with topics in computer science and programming projects
  • Engineering and design courses
  • Robotics courses

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s go into more depth about what electives will be beneficial for each specific type of engineering. An electrical engineer will need different classes than a civil engineer, and so forth. It is wise to decide which kind of engineer you plan on being before choosing your electives if you want to get a head start in engineering school.

High School Classes for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering focuses a lot on design and creation. Overall, you’ll be studying the way certain machines work and the basics of mechanics. You’ll also be looking into creating machines and products that solve issues in our society.

High school students who want to become mechanical engineers should focus on technology and how it works. You can also look into auto body repair and auto mechanics to gain a better understanding of how things work.

High School Classes for Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering includes some of the topics covered in mechanical engineering but focuses more on electric systems. You’ll be working to improve electronic devices and learning about electricity, energy, and power. For this one, make sure you study physics and take technology classes that give you the basics of how electronics and electricity work.

High School Classes for Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering goes a bit farther than mechanical engineering. You’ll be focusing more on ways to improve products in various industries. For example, an industrial engineer might create a machine that produces crayons faster than humans. This removes the need for people working at the machine and increases the company’s ability to fulfill crayon orders. For something like this, you’ll want to look for electives about blueprint reading, building construction, and technology/mechanical-based classes.

High School Classes for Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering has a variety of paths you can take. You can focus on food, medicines, or sustainability. Overall, you should look into biology, microbiology, physics, and most importantly, chemistry. You are going to be focusing on the creation of certain things and what goes into them. For electives, look into culinary arts, nutrition, earth, and environmental classes. These will teach you the fundamentals of the way certain chemicals or ingredients react to one another.

High School Classes for Civil Engineering

Civil engineering focuses on the creation of things for a major city or small town. The point is you’ll learn how to create buildings, finds ways to provide people with water and electricity, build roads, build bridges, and everything that is made to create the town you live in. This requires a lot of diverse knowledge about construction, physics, chemistry, electricity, etc. Look into electives that involve these topics, such as building construction, metalworking, and technology classes.

High School Classes for Computer Engineering

Computer science will focus on the development of software and the improvement of computer and electronic experiences. Considering the constant growth of technology in our society, this is a great major to study and will lead to a variety of jobs, because someone will always need help to understand and fix computers. Electives to look for include computer programming, programming languages, web design, computer repair, and information technology.

High School Classes for Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace engineering is one of the most difficult engineering majors. It doesn’t have a wide range of what to study, but the work you do in creating aircraft will affect others’ safety. You will be focusing on creating things that fly or go into space, so they must be made well and correctly. You could also look into the creation of weapons with this field of study, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to. You will need to learn how different fluids react to different environments. The best classes and electives to look for are those associated with chemistry, astronomy, and metalworking.

High School Classes for Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering is a little similar to Chemical Engineering, but biomedical focuses on the health of others. For this, you will study how to heal people, how to create medicines, how to create machines that keep people alive, create artificial limbs and organs, and defy the laws of nature in order to care for someone else. Look for electives that teach botany, CPR training, forensic science, environmental science, physiology, human anatomy, and anything to do with biology.

High School Classes for Automotive Engineering

Automotive Engineering focuses a lot more on vehicles and how they function. You’ll study different parts and systems of cars, employing electrical, technological, and mechanical forms of engineering. This form of engineering is difficult but can lead to many job opportunities because of the high demand for cars and the need to fix them. Some electives to look into include autobody repair, auto mechanics, heating and cooling systems, metalworking, etc.