The Best High School Classes to Take for Nursing School

The Best High School Classes to Take for Nursing School

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Nursing school is a huge and exciting endeavor that will provide anybody with a promising future (as long as they study well). However, students need a lot of preparation before enrolling in nursing school, and a lot of that nursing foundation starts in high school. What are some of the best classes you can take to prepare for nursing school?

High school students can prepare for nursing school by taking electives such as biology, science, CPR training, and several other classes that teach things about health and the body. Nutrition, health, weight training, and several others are also available, though availability does vary by school.

There are a surprisingly large number of electives you could choose from during your high school years that will prepare you well for a future as a nurse. Read on to learn more information about these classes as well as several other ways you can prepare for nursing school!

Best High School Electives for Future Nursing Students

As mentioned above, there are many high school elective classes you can take that will help you to prepare for nursing school. Most nursing schools require students to take subjects such as chemistry, biology, physiology, and anatomy, and a few of those might be available at your high school. Keep in mind, though, availability does vary by high school. Larger schools are more likely to offer these programs.

If you can, it is advisable to take classes that have to do with the physical body as well as the mind. This includes psychology, health, nutrition, fitness, chemistry, biology, and any other health and science classes you might be able to enroll in. Math and science are what will likely take most of your time during nursing school, so becoming familiar with these subjects during high school will be one of the smartest moves you can make.

Nursing programs will require you to make straight A’s or as close to that as you can get, so you will have to apply yourself. This application should also occur in other areas such as English, history, and writing. Nursing school, like other schools, will probably have some general education requirements that you’ll have to fulfill so make sure that you are capable of succeeding in these areas as well.

Some high schools do offer nursing classes and if you are lucky enough to attend one, you ought to jump into the nursing game as quickly as possible. Not all high schools do offer nursing classes, however, so if there are none available, you will have to stick with the next best thing and that is anatomy, health, nutrition, etc.

Other Ways to Prepare

Taking preparatory electives is the first step in preparation for nursing school that you can take. However, there are a few other ways you can proceed as well. Here are some alternative ways you can start getting ready for life as a nurse!

One of the best things you can start off doing is volunteering at the nearest hospital (or several if you would like) or even getting a job there. Working at a hospital will give you an inside look at what you may be experiencing in your daily life as a nurse. It will also help you gain any necessary experience that may help you stand out to a future employer later on. That kind of experience will look great on a resume in the future.

Another helpful thing might be to find a nurse to shadow. This might be a little more difficult to do than volunteer at a hospital, but there are plenty of nurses that should be willing to help you out. This will give you an even better idea of what kind of work you’ll be expected to do as well as the schedule and routine you will have to follow.

If you’d like to learn other ways you can prepare for nursing school, the best thing you can do is talk to your school counselor or advisor. They will be able to help you determine what the best activities are that could increase your confidence and experience in this area.

It is good to get used to a busy schedule, but make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself too much. Your advisors can help with that too; they will help you maintain a balanced schedule and still gain experience at the same time.

Nursing School: The Pros and Cons

By now you should have an adequate understanding of how you will need to properly prepare for your nursing career. However, it is also important to know the pros and cons of doing so. Is nursing school right for you? Let’s find out by discussing these pros and cons!


One of the biggest reasons people choose to enroll in nursing school is because the profession of a nurse is a trusted and fulfilling one. Patients tend to trust their nurses, which is a great way for you to make friends and bond with people. Plus, the profession of nursing involves helping people every day in different ways. If nothing else, it is a very gratifying and noble line of work.

Generally, nurses also have flexible schedules. Sure, that probably means you’ll have to work a few nights every once in a while, but it also probably means you will get to have a large say in your schedule. You can plan when you want to work, which will give you plenty of time both at work and at home.


Sadly, there are a few downsides to working as a nurse as well. One of these is the emotional load you may have to endure every day. There is a lot of exposure to pain and suffering and too much of that can eventually take a toll on your wellbeing. If you don’t think you can stomach a large amount of that regularly, you may want to choose another line of work.

Additionally, nurses have lots of physical demands and work to do. Not only is there constant exposure to sickness to deal with, but you will also be under a lot of pressure to be where you need to be on time. There’s a lot of walking and even running as a nurse. You will need to be prepared to deal with this.

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