How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Starbucks?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Starbucks?

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Are you thinking about joining a career in food service or perhaps a temporary job at Starbucks? Other than your performance at school, legal minimum salaries, and your general attitude towards meeting different kinds of people every day, age is the next big factor that could come between you and a part-time/full-time job at Starbucks.

You have to be at least 14 years old to join the Starbucks family. In some states, Starbucks allows minors as young as 14-year-olds to fill entry-level jobs, provided that the store’s management strictly follows the state laws on child labor, restricted hours, and the minimum wage requirement.

This article will debunk some of the myths behind Starbucks’ employee minimum age requirements for fresh recruits. We’ll also explore the different kinds of roles that teenagers can fill out at a Starbucks coffee store and the benefits of working for the company.

Can a 15-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

Minors can perform simple daily tasks like dog-walking, tutoring, babysitting, or working as assistants and get paid. Working at Starbucks is on a whole new level, and teenagers may find it difficult to join in due to the state’s legal age concerns. 

If you’re looking for a part-time gig to save some extra cash or keep yourself busy, here’s some good news for you. Teenagers can work at Starbucks. But this can only be done under special conditions.

A 15-year-old can work at Starbucks. However, it depends on the state laws that govern child labor. In most states, Starbucks prefers 16-year-old teenagers to work at entry-level positions. However, 15-year-old teenagers can also work but only under strict legal conditions. 

For starters, all work must be done in under three hours a day, outside school time. Minors under 15 must also get a work permit from their schools. A work permit acknowledges your age at the time of employment. It also spells out the conditions under which you’ll be required to work, such as the maximum amount of time you can work at Starbucks every day.

What Roles Can a 15-Year-Old Fill at Starbucks?

The work at Starbucks mostly revolves around brewing coffee and keeping the customers satisfied at all times. A 15-year-old barista is tasked with preparing and serving Starbucks beverages to customers. If you recently landed a new role at Starbucks at 15 years, what other roles would you be expected to play?

15-year-olds can work as baristas at Starbucks. Baristas are tasked with welcoming the customers, greeting them, and taking their orders. They also prepare Starbucks beverages according to the customer’s taste. Baristas also handle the cash register and maintain a high level of hygiene in the store.

Although this sounds like a job for a more experienced shift supervisor, 15-year-old baristas can also respond promptly to customer requests and maintain good relations with customers by ensuring that their needs have been met. There are many responsibilities, but the benefits are well worth it.

Can a 16-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

Starbucks stores in many states don’t hire staff aged 14 and 15 due to specific state minimum age laws. Besides, younger employees may lack the skills to handle certain emergencies at the store. For example, a conflict between the employee and the customer could be better resolved by someone with more experience. If you’re a minor and Starbucks doesn’t hire you because of your age, just hang in there. However, if you’re at least 16, then you’re in luck.

16-year-olds can work at Starbucks. They can apply to entry-level jobs as baristas or shift supervisors. Starbucks prefers 16-year-old teenagers to younger minors because some labor laws that apply to 14- and 15-year-olds don’t apply to older employees.

Federal law dictates that the maximum working time for 14- and 15-year-olds is eight hours a day and three hours on a school day. For 16- and 18-year-olds, the laws are a bit more relaxed. Besides, working at Starbucks may involve heavy lifting, and younger minors may not be fit for it.

Can an 18-Year-Old Work at Starbucks?

At the age of 18, you’re bundled with tons of responsibilities and – of course – infinite employment opportunities. Most companies will prefer hiring employees aged 18 to avoid conflicting with the law. So, if you’re considering starting a new career in food service, here’s a tip for you: Try your luck at Starbucks.

An 18-year-old can work at Starbucks. They can join as part-time staff or work full-time. Unlike younger minors, 18-year-olds have already hit the legal age and can work with fewer restrictions that apply to the general workforce. 18-year olds can also work at higher levels like shift supervisors.

For any company wanting to hire new staff, people who are at least 18 and have graduated from high school are pretty much the ideal candidates. 

As a shift supervisor, the young partner can help manage some of the core functions of the store during shifts. For instance, they can assign duties to baristas during shifts. They’ll also be involved in new recruit training and instilling a positive attitude towards work in the lower level staff.

Additionally, 18-year-olds can also perform any of the jobs that younger employees can. Whatever Starbucks needs in a worker, an 18-year-old can handle it.

What Are the Requirements to Work at Starbucks?

Starbucks maintains a high standard for its employees. The company has high expectations from its employees, its culture, and its mission. 

That’s why the recruitment team screens candidates from different perspectives to understand who they really are. The job description is broad, but here are some of the most basic skills you should possess when applying for a job at Starbucks.

Starbucks expects all its employees to have excellent communication skills. They should be able to communicate clearly and efficiently to customers, have the ability to work under pressure, and observe high standards of professionalism. This sells a good picture of the company.

Excellent communicators are able to connect with the customers. They’re able to listen carefully and take accurate customer orders. They’re able to solve conflicts professionally and sell the company’s product and brand.

Starbucks values its customers. With that, all employees are expected to serve diligently, promptly, and to the customer’s satisfaction. They should also be keen on the general safety of the store and, most importantly, provide quality beverages.

How Much Experience Do You Need To Work at Starbucks?

Experience is a critical factor in every job market. Candidates with experience, no matter how small, make better employees in the eyes of the management. But at a young age, you’ll most likely be filling out an entry-level position without experience. 

You don’t need any experience to work as an entry-level recruit at Starbucks. All you need are the basic skills to make coffee, serve it, and talk to customers in a friendly, professional manner. However, having some experience in food service puts you in a position to negotiate for better rates. 

Prior experience in food service is not mandatory. Whatever little experience you have can place you in a better position for higher pay. But don’t get your hopes high just yet. Getting a job without experience only works when you’re applying for lower-level entry jobs. 

Shift managers must have previous experience in a restaurant, hotel, or other food service institution to stand a chance for consideration. 

Is Starbucks a Good Place To Work?

Past employees at Starbucks have different stories to tell about their experiences at the company. The bottom line is, most people love it. From the free coffee, health benefits, insurance, and the freedom to socialize and make new friends, there’s no doubt that Starbucks is a great place to begin your new career. 

Starbucks is a good place to work especially for people looking for their first jobs. Here, they get the opportunity to meet new people, make customers happy, and solve challenges in a dynamic environment. 

In return, the company offers several rewards as follows:

  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Commuter benefits
  • Paid sick days
  • Medical and life insurance
  • A stock equity reward program
  • Vacations
  • Adoption assistance

Starbucks also offers a fast-paced environment. Employees need to know how to manage their tasks while dealing with long lines. Occasionally, they might have to deal with rude customers, but this shouldn’t be a problem with the support and training they receive. 

On the bright side, you can learn how to make the best cups of coffee. Pay isn’t bad if you’re in it for the money. You may also get some tips to go along with your salary.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to securing your next job at Starbucks, age has a lot to do with the management’s final decision. Though you might not be sure about the minimum age requirements for the Starbucks store in your neighborhood, some states allow minors to join their workforce at the barista level. It would be good to check the management first.

Starbucks provides a fun working environment that enhances teamwork and cultivates a positive mindset towards the company’s mission. Its employees work hard to deliver the best customer experiences, maintain quality service, a positive work attitude, and the highest hygiene standards.

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