What Does “In Process” Mean After Sending a Job Application?

What Does “In Process” Mean After Sending a Job Application?

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When you apply for a new job, you may find yourself checking the status of your application every few hours. Perhaps you notice after a few days that the words “in-process” appear next to your application. You may wonder what this means.

The words “in-process” after sending in a job application mean the hiring team has identified you as a potential option for the position. They’re reviewing your application and evaluating parts of it, such as your portfolio. This is a positive sign as it means you have caught the hiring team’s eye.

The rest of this article will explore topics related to this question. I’ll share information regarding how long it takes for a job application to be processed. I’ll also discuss what it means when your application appears “in progress.”

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Application Status In Process

If your application status shows up as “in-process” after submitting it, it indicates several things. The first is that the company has likely identified you as a potential candidate. Perhaps they use an algorithm to determine the best possible employees for their company based on the particular skills they are seeking. If this is the case, they’ll need time to run the algorithm, which may be why your application appears “in process.”

It may also be that the hiring team is taking the time to contact your references or check your previous work experiences. They also may have things they need to decide on their end, such as your salary, which they may need to discuss internally before speaking with you.

The good news is that if your application says “in process,” it’s likely the company has identified you as a potentially good fit. They are taking the time to review the finer details of your application to determine if you’re the ideal person for the position.

How Long Does It Take for a Job Application To Be Processed?

The time it takes for a job application to be processed depends on several aspects of the company. Some of these elements are the company size, the position for which they are hiring, and the urgency to fill the position.

Company Size

The company’s size is the first factor that influences how long it takes a job application to be processed. If you are applying to work at a huge company, it could take several weeks or months for the job application to be processed.

Typically, companies will get back to you in a week or two. Both larger and smaller companies have to review your application, talk to their team, and decide on a budget for the position. It may take two weeks or longer to process your application.

If the company is just a small team, they will likely finish processing your application within a few days. The larger the company, the more likely it will take them several weeks to process the application.


Another factor that influences how quickly a company processes your job application is the open position. For example, suppose a company is looking for a receptionist or secretary. In that case, they are looking for organizational and basic computer skills. They may check your references and any prior experiences.

However, suppose you are applying for a chief executive officer, operations officer, or manager role. In that case, the hiring process may take more time. This is because these are crucial roles within a company, and the hiring team or board members may need more time to decide.

Additionally, if you’re applying for a creative position such as a photographer, designer, or architect, the hiring team may need more time to review your portfolio. They may be looking for specific skills that add to their team and thus need more time to see if your portfolio matches what they need.


A company may hire you very quickly if it’s urgent to fill the position. Suppose your job is essential for day-to-day operations. In that case, they may hire you within just a day or two of submitting your application.

Suppose the position does not need to be filled urgently. In that case, the company will likely take its time to review many options for potential employees.


If your job application appears “in process,” this is a good sign. The hiring team is taking the time to review your application further. They may be checking references, prior work experiences, or discussing details with their team. While response time can vary, you should expect to hear back from them in a week or two.