How to Answer “Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?”

How to Answer “Why Should You Be Hired for This Internship?”

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An internship is a gateway to the professional world. That’s the reason why most universities require you to complete at least 240 hours of internship work. 

But here’s the thing. Your university won’t be spoon-feeding you an internship; you have to apply for it yourself. If you’re an undergraduate, this can be pretty challenging. Likely, you don’t have any experience to help you convince your employer to take you as an intern.

So when the interviewer asks you the dreaded question, “Why should you be hired for this internship?” you’ll probably choke.

Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’re going to share the best answers to the internship interview question, “Why should you be hired for this internship?”

Answers That Will Help You Land an Internship

In this section, we outline just a few examples of the different answers possible. To adapt these answers to your internship, read carefully the job description, highlight all the skills required, and make sure you understand the job role.

Showcase What You Bring to the Table

As an intern, you should at least know how to demonstrate your skills through words. The best way to do that is to tell them what you can do for their company. 

It doesn’t have to be technical. The vital part here is to address that you can help them with their productivity or, at least, ease their workload. 

Answer 01 (Broad):

Although I am new to the industry, I assure you that I have plenty of skills that will help your company become more productive. I am a fast learner, which means any of your staff can assign simple tasks to me, giving them free time to work on more important things. I am also an organized person. Apart from keeping files and items arranged, I try to optimize the workspace for everyone. Furthermore, I am punctual, honest, and tech-savvy. I am confident that with my skills, I can be an efficient worker that will enhance your company’s productivity. 

Answer 02 (Specific):

Despite being new to the industry, I have skills that will help your company become more productive. I have studied using marketing tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create attractive and alluring graphic images that will help sell your merchandise. Although I may lack the experience in using them in the real business world, I am confident that I will learn the trades of your industry swiftly and become an asset that will increase your sales. I am creative, friendly, and obedient. Moreover, I am a dedicated person that will do everything to provide satisfactory results. 


As an intern, it is no surprise that you will bring little value to the company. However, it is crucial to emphasize your learning abilities and auxiliary skills (time management, digital marketing, or other skills) that will enable you to integrate with the company as fast as possible.

Key points that employers look for when hiring an intern include:

  • Human resource management is looking for a quick learner that will integrate fast into their organization. It is important to showcase degrees or projects that emphasize your learning abilities.
  • Employers want interns with excellent communication skills. It is crucial to mention any group projects or extracurricular activities that require cooperation.
  • Sometimes, employers hire interns to bring fresh ideas to the table. Depending on the job, it could be a good idea to provide proof of your creativity.
  • It is important to show basic knowledge of the job and motivation. Make sure you read the job description and are informed about the company before the interview.

Do not be afraid to state your strengths. The interviewer will find your confidence impressive. Moreover, the skills that you share are usable for their company, so it’s never a loss to flaunt your capabilities. 

Share Your Experiences

Don’t be afraid to talk about your experiences — even if they may seem inadequate. Companies that are looking for interns do not expect them to have years of experience. 

However, they do want you to share relevant experiences that are related to the internship. Again, it doesn’t have to be a real job experience, it just has to show relevance. 

Answer 03 (Broad):

I am one semester away from finishing my college degree. In my years of study, I have experienced participating in hosting several programs for our institution — whether it is marketing our courses or preparing a meeting for our board of directors. With my humble experiences, I have become easily trainable to any task. As long as I am given the chance to study how your processes work, I can deliver excellence. 

Answer 04: (Specific):

I am in the last year of my Information Technology program. During my studies, I have learned a lot from my professors and was given several tasks to build applications for different purposes. I can easily create work-specific spreadsheets, survey software, and other technologies that would help your company become more productive. Although you may already have plenty of I.T. professionals, I believe that I can still be an asset by reducing their workload and becoming more proficient over time. 


Even if you don’t have a 6-month experience in the corporate world, you should never be afraid of showing the little things. They matter big-time when you have nothing to boast. 

Just make sure that it is relevant to the role you want. There is nothing wrong with sharing your experience as a host or spearheading a school project.

Express What You Get Out of the Internship

Answering “Why should you be hired for this internship?” is not all about what they can get from you.  It’s also about what you can get from the employers.

When companies hire interns, they also think about what they can provide, especially when the pay is not always an option. And even when it is, it’s not going to be a full-time rate — usually just an allowance to get you through the day. 

Answer 05 (Specific):

Your organization has a proven track record of marketing the top corporations of today. As a marketing major, it would be more than beneficial for me to know how your organization does it. It would also show me the tools that your team uses and gives me better insight into how the entire marketing process work — from research to execution. By becoming an intern, I can refine my skills and also provide exceptional performance to help your organization complete even more projects.

Answer 06 (Specific):

I want to join your organization because it will help me hone all my skills. Your company leads the world of computer technology, and as a computer science major, I know that I will benefit a lot. I want to see first-hand how everything works in your industry to propel me further. To me, getting experience from the best out there will put me above my competitors as a professional. Furthermore, I can also deliver to you top-quality performance as I learn. I am dedicated and will not put your prestigious organization to shame. 


Applying for an internship or even a job is always a two-way system. You should be honest about what you can get from the company. 

Opening up is a sign of honesty, and it’s the ultimate trait that you allow organizations to see your worth. 

Tell Them Your Thoughts About the Company

Other than opening up about what you get from the company you are applying for, you should also tell them what made them your choice in the first place.

This gives them the impression that you did your research and you are aligned with their objectives — reassuring them that your internship is going to run smoothly. 

Answer 07 (Broad):

I have learned that your organization does its business not just for the sake of making money but also to help those who are in need. A great 10% of all your earnings go to feeding the poor in third-world countries, which I am an advocate of. I believe that working for your company will not only help me learn but also help change the world. Furthermore, I will work hard to make sure to deliver high-quality performance that will help your company increase its sales and revenue throughout my internship. 

Answer 08 (Specific):

Your pharmaceutical company leads in the creation of vaccines. I am a victim of a sickness that has been finally cured through vaccination. It is my pride to become part of your institution as a Molecular Biology major and help develop medical technologies that would make the world a healthier place. I believe that what your company does is priceless, and I would like to be part of your cause. I learn quickly and have studied for three years in Molecular Biology and health sciences that makes me qualified. 


Don’t be afraid to share what you like about the organization. It doesn’t always have to be something as generic as leading the industry. I can be specific such as having a charity or helping the world a better place through their product or services. 

Showing that you want to be part of the organization because of their mission is just as vital as telling them their skill as it shows interest and dedication. 

Include The Human Factor

Your college program isn’t everything to landing an internship or any job for that matter. You should also tell them your story — your goals, what you get from the job, etc. 

Show them that you’re just as human as the person interviewing you. After telling them the technical stuff, here’s what you can say to boost your chance of getting accepted for the internship.

Answer 09 (broad):

I am an all-in person, and I would do everything to perform at the highest level. I am organized, dedicated, and I would also learn from my mistakes. This internship would give me the chance to prove to myself that I am worthy of making an impact in the corporate world. It would also be a stepping stone to achieving my dreams, such as helping my parents financially. I am honest, resourceful, and punctual. Hiring me would mean the world to me as I have always dreamed of working for this company. These traits make me a candidate that you should consider.


Just be yourself at the end part of the interview. Tell the organization who you are and why they should give you a chance. 

The Bottom Line

To get an internship at your dream company, there are key points to include during the interview:

  • Express what you can do for the organization
  • Share your experiences — no matter how inadequate it may be
  • Tell them what you get out of the internship
  • Open up what makes that organization the organization of your choice
  • Just be yourself

The interview might be scary, and that’s normal. But you should muster some courage and face it with confidence. As long as you prepare yourself for the interview and ready your answers in advance, you should be fine. The key here is to practice, practice, and practice some more. 

Communicate smoothly and confidently, and always aim to deliver your message clearly and respectfully.

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