What Does the Job Application Status “Received” Mean?

What Does the Job Application Status “Received” Mean?

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When you apply for a job, you are probably anxious about its status. Sometimes, you might become impatient and call the recruiter since you might not know the steps followed before your application is reviewed. For instance, if your job application status is “received,” the chances are that you may not know what it means.

The job application status “received” doesn’t indicate whether you will be considered for the job. It only indicates that your resume was sent to the employer. However, if you applied for the job to a concerned party, it implies that the party has received all the requested credentials.

The rest of the article will discuss a few things related to the topic in detail, including what the application status “received” means, why a recruiter would put your application under the status “received,” and the pros and cons of your job application being received. Let’s get started!

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Why Would a Recruiter Put Your Application under the Status “Received?”

A recruiter would put your application under the status “received” to alert you that they have received it and will check it as soon as possible. The main dynamics of messaging is that the receiver should respond to the message to signify they have received the note. 

As such, a recruiter puts your application under the status “received” to acknowledge that it has reached the intended person. Furthermore, it may signify that the recruiter will check your application without delays or after all the other applicants have sent theirs.

Good News: The Company Received Your Documents

If your job application has been received, it implies that the advertising company has accessed your application documents, such as your cover letter and resume.

However, if your job application is under this status, it doesn’t mean someone has reviewed it. This is because some agencies have automated their services where one automatically gets a message depicting their application has been received.

Additionally, other companies have hired people to review all applications and ensure that all the documents have been sent.

For instance, if the recruiting company asks potential candidates to send their resumes and certificates, their workers will only confirm that the candidates have sent these documents before stating that the application has been received.

Furthermore, such companies may not review your job application because they will only confirm that you sent all the requested documents. These agencies use this as a ploy to eliminate some candidates.

Ultimately, you must be patient until the recruiting company informs you that you can continue to the next phase.

Is a “Received” Job Application a Good Sign?

Having your job application under the status “received” is neither a good sign nor a bad sign.

Some of the benefits include:

  • You know that the recruiting company has received your application.
  • It gives you hope that the recruiting company will review your application fast.

Some of the shortcomings include:

  • You don’t know the exact time the recruiter will evaluate your application.
  • It doesn’t indicate whether you will be considered for the job.


If your job application is under the “received” status, your potential employer has received all the documents needed for the job application. However, in many situations, the recruiting company may not have evaluated your application if they have told you that your application has been received.

Ultimately, don’t bother your potential employer by asking them about your job status because it may aggravate them.