How to Make Friends in College if You’re Shy or Introverted

How to Make Friends in College if You’re Shy or Introverted

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Going to college is a big step, especially for students who are moving away from home and family. To make the transition easier, it is best to try and make friends right away.

In college, there are many opportunities to meet new people. Some of the best ways for introverts to make friends include hanging out with roommates, getting to know classmates, and meeting people online. Social events held on campus are also great opportunities to become more social at college.

How exactly can introverts make friends in college? Continue reading to learn some of the best tips and tricks to make friends in college.


One of the easiest ways to make fast friendships in college is through your roommates. These are likely the first people you will meet once you move out and you will be around them every day, at least until the semester is over. The great thing about this constant contact is they will likely get to know you really well, even if you are shy. Being around the same person every day creates a special bond that connects you, even if you do not have many similar interests.

One of the best ways to get in good graces with your roommates early on in your friendship is by keeping your stuff clean and organized. The quickest way for a person to be labeled a “bad roommate” (and never be considered friend-material) is by being messy. By simply being a good roommate, you are already one step closer to being a good friend.

Another way to get closer with your roommates is by planning apartment/dorm night outs (or ins). This can be something as simple as watching a movie together with take-out food. It could also be something a little more social like going to an event together, such as a haunted house in Autumn. Planning a time to do something fun allows everyone to get to know one another and bond.

One thing to remember about roommates is that you are not stuck to them. Sometimes, you may just end up with messy roommates with whom you have nothing in common. If this is the case, do not get discouraged—just remember there are thousands of other people at the school (depending on your school) and millions of other people in the world. Your roommates are not your only chance at friendship in the school year.

Other Apartments/Dorms

Another fun way to become better friends with your roommates and others in your living complex is by inviting other apartments to come over for a game night. This is the easiest way to be in a comfortable setting (your own apartment) and meet new people to make friends.

In college, it is very common, especially at the beginning of a semester or school year, for people to invite the residents of other apartments over. Everyone is trying to make friends and meet new people, so chances are they will say yes. The added bonus of inviting whole apartments over is with 4-8 people coming over, there is a higher chance you will meet someone with similar interests as your own.

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Even if you are shy, you have to go to class, so you might as well try to make some friends while you’re there. On the first day of class, sit next to someone who looks like they might have similar interests with you. Or you could also sit with someone you think you can easily strike up a conversation with.

For example, if you notice someone has a pin on their backpack or a sticker on their laptop of one of your favorite characters in a movie, sit by them and start talking about that movie. If you noticed something cool about their outfit, you could also sit down and compliment them. Especially if they are sitting by themselves and not talking with anyone else, they are probably also looking for friends.

Before the class ends and you leave, you should try to get their number or their contact information. Not only is this a way you could in the future contact them to hang out, but now you have someone in that class you can message if you forgot something or need help. Trust us, this is very important in college.

As you continue on with your week and attend the next classes you have, try and do this in each class. Now you have just made more friends and have a contact from the class.

What is all your classes are through Zoom? Not a problem. Do a similar thing, only message them privately (please, PLEASE, double-check you are only messaging them and not the whole class during a lecture. So many people forget to check and will send a message to the whole class).

If you notice something cool hanging on their bedroom wall behind them, or if you notice they are wearing a sweatshirt with your favorite team or movie, message them and start a conversation. Over Zoom it might be even easier because you could just message someone who looks nice and ask if they want to exchange numbers for future study questions. Most of the time, people will want to do this. After all, who wouldn’t want help if they forgot to take notes or could remember something the professor said in class?

While walking through campus to get to your next class, strike up a conversation with someone who is walking in the same direction. This helps the time go faster as you are both walking to class. This is also a great time to get to know other people on campus. You never know who you might meet.

Study Groups

Right alongside classmates are study groups. Many people will set up study groups for either a specific course or for the major as a whole. These study groups can often be found either through a source provided by the school or through a common social media platform like Facebook. Joining these groups is a great way to meet more people who will be in your chosen major or field of study. These groups are great studying tools to use throughout the semester. Often, groups will meet at least once a week to do homework together. This is a great opportunity to ask all of your questions about the class you may have.

Within the same overall title of “study groups” is finding a homework group or buddy. In many colleges, students will study in various places throughout the campus. The library, common eating areas, and designated studying areas are popular places where many students will go to study together.

While some people prefer to study alone, it is a good idea to get to know the people who are studying around you. You may find a group of people who want to form a group. It is nice to have a homework group where everyone can work on their schoolwork together. For many people who struggle with studying for long periods of time, this can help break up the time with conversation.

Campus Events

Every college has events for students to get to know others and feel more welcome and involved in the school. Many schools will have some sort of event, party, game, or other types of celebration at the beginning of the fall semester to welcome the students back on campus. While these events will be crowded and full of people, this means there are so many opportunities for friendship.

If you are worried about going to a big social event like this, take someone you know. Try to go with one of your roommates. Just make sure you will not be glued to your roommate because that defeats the purpose. This is a time to meet new people. Invite someone you met to go with you and your roommate out to ice cream. This is a way for you to leave the crowded areas while still meeting new people.

As the semester goes on, there will be many more events the school will have for students. Popular college events throughout the fall semester include football games, Halloween parties, spirit day/week, holiday parties, Christmas lights, and basketball games. Try to go to as many of these events as you feel comfortable with. Even if you feel slightly nervous, it is good to go out of your comfort zone sometimes. Meet new people, make fun memories, and enjoy college life.

Along with big events the school may put on, there are many events that different majors will put on. These include theatre, art, music, and more. Most majors have some sort of show where the students have to present or demonstrate their work over the last semester or years of schooling. These events can be really fun to go to even though many of them are not very popular. Even majors such as English will have shows of creative writing, and Business majors likely have to create a small business with a group of classmates that they show off.

Going to student events such as these can be really fun because you get to see all of the hard work people have put into the show. For those who do not like being in big crowded events, these events are a great way to get out of the house because not many students usually visit these events. To find these events, locate your school’s website or contact the college directly.


For some people struggling with social anxiety or other issues keeping them from enjoying a social life, meeting people online is the easiest and most comfortable way for them to be social.

On a forum where people talk about making online friends, one person shares how IRL (in real life) friendships is so hard and messed up. He talks about how he wants to make friends but does not want the hassle of all the in-person drama.

On the same forum, many people were sharing something that describes them as a person/ explains how they want to become friends. Some people are looking for someone to play video games with, while others are looking for someone to talk to and grow close with. Click here to be directed to the Reddit forum.

There are many different ways to make friends online. Due to all the different social media platforms, there are hundreds, even thousands of different platforms and websites to meet new people you could become friends with. There are even apps to meet new friends online. Some of these remain anonymous, while others are designed to create real-life friendships.

The great thing about all of the online sources of friendship is there is something for everyone. There are literally thousands of forums online of people discussing the most random topics. Do you want to find someone who is really into growing tomato plants? There is a forum for that. Are you looking for a friend to discuss chess with? There is a forum for that. Finding people who can quickly relate to your interests is easy to do online. Not only can people find forums online, but there are also online groups of people getting together.

One thing to keep in mind is to try and push yourself to become more social. Try and meet people online who live in your area and with whom you could possibly become real-life friends. While it is nice to have online friends you can turn to, it is even better to have in-person friends who can physically be there for you in times of need or simply when you want to hang out.