“No Longer Under Consideration” on Amazon Job Portal

“No Longer Under Consideration” on Amazon Job Portal

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Amazon is a huge corporation, which means they need to employ many people to keep things running and the company growing. They have thousands of jobs that they need to fill at any time, which you can find on their job portal. When you apply for a job with Amazon, you’ll see your application status in the portal. 

The status “no longer under consideration” has two meanings. First, you’re not accepted for the position. Or, sometimes, you’ll see this status as you’re going through the interview and hiring process, and you see this status because they’ve closed the job opening on the portal.

This article explains how to apply for a job at Amazon and what statuses you may see in the portal after you apply, including “no longer under consideration.” Then, I’ll detail some of the most common jobs that Amazon hires for and some resources you can use to succeed while applying for jobs. So let’s get started, shall we?

What Does “No Longer Under Consideration” Mean on Amazon Job Application Forms?

One of the statuses that you may come across for an Amazon job listing is “no longer under consideration.” Unfortunately, this means that they’ve declined your application, and you won’t be moving forward in the application process. 

This status will remain in the portal, so you’ll be able to see the job(s) that you applied for previously and that they’re “no longer under consideration.” And, the hiring manager for any future positions that you apply for will be able to see the positions and statuses for jobs you previously applied for.

However, just because you’re “no longer under consideration” for one of the positions, it doesn’t mean that any other positions that you applied for are affected by this decision. 

The hiring team will consider each job you apply for with Amazon separately from each other.

But, if you go as far as an interview, then you’re “no longer under consideration,” your future jobs may be affected for the next six months to a year. 

The reason for this is that there may be internal notes that your interviewer put into your application portal (you won’t have access to them) that’ll prevent you from receiving another interview if there are any red flags.

So, if you’re “no longer under consideration” after an interview, wait at least six months before applying to any more positions with Amazon. 

There’s an exception to this status where the outcome is good. You may see “no longer under consideration” after you receive a job offer. Then, the status means that Amazon isn’t considering anyone else for the job because it has been filled… by you!

So, you shouldn’t read too much into this status, and the most updated information about interviews and hiring will come from a recruiter with Amazon, not the portal status. 

Other Statuses You Might See

When you first apply for a position with Amazon, your application status will be “application submitted.” This status means that your application is complete and passed onto the person who’ll be reviewing your application. 

Another status that you could see is “under consideration.” 

This status means that you’re running for the position, and they’re considering your application. You may be contacted for a job interview, either in person or on the phone. The recruiter will contact you if you’re selected.

You should remember with all Amazon job statuses that they’re not always accurate. Your status may be the same from the beginning to the end of the hiring process. Amazon has thousands of jobs that they’re trying to fill at any time, so the hiring managers are very busy. 

They may not always have time to update the portal, or the portal just may not work properly. 

Don’t read too much into the status, especially if you’re doing interviews and moving forward in the hiring process. 

Sometimes you may see “no longer under consideration” as your job status, but still, get a call or email to schedule an interview. This situation likely means that Amazon is no longer accepting outside applications for the position and closing it out, even though they’re still interviewing.

If you ever need an update on your status after an interview, you can reach out to your recruiting contact and follow up with them. 

Jobs at Amazon

Amazon offers thousands of different job positions, and most of them are hourly jobs. There are a few categories that encompass the jobs that you can apply for at Amazon. 

Let’s look at some of the common hourly job categories that Amazon offers.


Amazon has different types of warehouses that you can work at as a warehouse associate. The main three warehouses are fulfillment centers, delivery stations, and sortation centers.

Fulfillment centers are the places where associates get orders ready for customers. The jobs in these centers are fast-paced and physically demanding because some orders are guaranteed to customers in two hours from when they place their orders. 

When there are shipments to these centers, you’ll receive and unload them onto the shelf until they’re ready to be packaged and shipped to customers.

Then there are delivery stations, where packages are received and prepared to be loaded onto delivery trucks. 

You’re the person packing the items in a way that keeps them safe while being transported on the delivery truck. You’ll receive items from the fulfillment centers, package them, then load them onto the delivery trucks. 

Finally, sortation centers are where all the Amazon inventory goes when received from the producers and sellers. 

You’re responsible for sorting and stacking orders in a way that prepares them for delivery. Sortation Centers have a fast-paced environment and a physically demanding job. You need to use computers and smartphones to manage all of the orders and inventory in the warehouse.


As an Amazon shopper, you’re essentially shopping to fulfill grocery orders that’ll be delivered to Amazon customers. You’re working in a grocery store, and you’re getting items from customers’ lists. 

The customer’s lists are all compiled on a computer or smartphone that you reference as you shop. And, you’ll be communicating with customers via chat if there are any questions about an order. Shoppers have flexible hours, and you can work part or full time. 

There’s the opportunity for advancing your career, and you receive benefits and competitive pay. 


Delivery drivers deliver for Amazon but work with one of their partner services, which vary depending on where in the country you are. As a driver, you’re given a vehicle to use for your deliveries. 

You’ll work a full 40 hours per week, and you have the option to choose your schedule. You can work four, 10 hour days if that works better for you, and you’ll earn overtime if you want. Delivery drivers get full benefits, and there’s an opportunity for promotion. 

And, you don’t need any special type of driver’s license. 

Amazon Air Associates

Amazon air associates are the workers who transport inventory from warehouses onto planes for delivery around the world. You’ll spend most of your time loading and unloading planes and trucks. 

Additionally, you’ll be working with the gear that secures air delivery items, preparing packages for sorting and loading, and weighing and labeling.

Amazon air associates work indoors and outdoors and have tasks to keep them busy throughout your entire shift. Training happens on the job, and you work together with a team. There are flexible shifts, advanced career opportunities, and you receive benefits and competitive pay. 

Being an Amazon air associate is a great way to prepare for a career in air cargo. 

Customer Service Associates

Customer service associates are a huge part of keeping Amazon running because they help all the customers with any problems. There are customer service representative jobs available for sixteen different languages, and representatives are based in one hundred thirty countries worldwide. 

Locker+ Associates

Locker+ associates are the people who work at Amazon’s locker pickup locations. 

When you work at one of the locker pickup locations, you’ll be preparing customers’ orders for pickup and interacting with customers when they arrive at the store. 

You also assist customers with any returns or issues they may have with their purchases. When orders arrive, you need to help receive the order. Orders are easy to manage on the computers and smartphones that you use to process them. 

There are many schedule options available for Locker+ associates, and the pay is competitive. Training happens on the job, which will get you acquainted with your team members. 

How To Apply to Amazon

Let’s look at how to apply for jobs at Amazon. Amazon has a large online job portal that has all of the company’s available positions. If you know what you’re looking for, you can filter the jobs by various categories. 

Here are a few of the filter options that you have with some of the options you might see:

  • Job type: You can choose full-time, part-time, or seasonal work.
  • Job category: This includes software development, human resources, sales, fulfillment, marketing, or sales.
  • Location: Choose your country, state, and city.
  • Team: Teams include retail, Amazon web services, advertising, and Amazon Alexa.
  • Category: Some of the categories include corporate, fulfillment center, work from home, customer service, or student programs.

Or, if you’re not looking for anything specific or want to see what jobs are out there, you can look through all the listings without filtering it. 

Then, once you choose a position, you’ll see some relevant information on the job listing page, which can include the job description, the basic and preferred qualifications, where the job is located, and the hours and pay. 

If you decide that the job isn’t for you, you’ll see related jobs on the page that might interest you more. 

But, if you choose to apply, you’ll have to enter all of the information requested. Usually, this includes your basic information, qualifications if necessary, education, and other skills and experience.

Then, once you complete your application, you can see your application status updated in the portal. There are a few different status updates that you might see, one of which is “no longer under consideration.”

We’ll explain this status and the others in the next two sections. 

Job Application Resources

Applying for jobs can be overwhelming, and you might feel discouraged if you’re not getting any interviews or offers. Here are resources from Amazon.com that’ll help you succeed in applying for jobs:

  • How To Get A Job In 30 Days Or Less: This book will teach you all the crucial information you need to know about applying and interviewing for jobs, no matter what the job is and how qualified you are for it. 
  • Answers to the Top 20 Interview Questions: This book will help you successfully answer interviews with the top twenty questions that you’re asked in an interview, and how to sell yourself to the interviewer and convince them that you’re the best person for the job. 
  • Break the Rules: How To Get Hired For Any Job Without Even Applying: This book gives you even more interview tips and examples that’ll help you nail the interview, including what questions to ask the interviewer and how to answer difficult questions.

Final Thoughts

There are many status options that you may see in the Amazon job portal after you apply. 

Application submitted means that they received your application, under consideration means they’re reviewing your information, and no longer under consideration means you’re not moving forward in the hiring process, or they’re no longer accepting applications for the position.

And if you don’t get a job there, you can always look elsewhere.