Should I Use Pre-made Resume Templates?

Should I Use Pre-made Resume Templates?

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Here’s the deal: not everyone has the design skills needed to create a nice, neat resume. If that sounds like you, a resume template might be the answer to your prayers.

You should definitely use a pre-made template for your resume. Having a great resume is crucial to making a strong first impression, and using pre-made resume templates can ensure that yours looks professional and contains all the relevant information.

We will discuss the advantages of using pre-made templates, and whether it is better to customize the template. We will also cover which pre-made resume formats are the best to increase your chances of landing a job.

What Are the Advantages of Using Pre-Made Resume Templates?

In the world of jobs and interviews, the first impression is one of the most important things. Thus, you should focus on building a resume that covers all essential aspects and conveys the message of who you are, the skills you possess, and how the company will benefit from hiring you.

There are plenty of advantages to using pre-made resume templates, including: 

  • They save you time and effort. 
  • They’re helpful for inexperienced people.
  • They’re created by professionals and look more professional.
  • They help you cast a wider net when applying for positions.
  • They ensure all your info is filled in the right places.
  • They’re user-friendly and easy to understand.

With pre-made templates, you can also analyze, assess the information, and use it to sort your credentials in your document. This can help you understand the tactics and critical sections to applying for jobs.

While using a resume template can save you a lot of time and has advantages, it is essential to know that the interview and the content you put under the headings will land you the job.

Important: Customize Your Pre-made Resume Based on Your Skills And the Job Description!

It is crucial to customize your resume to the job posting. Tailoring your resume based on the job description will increase your chances of getting through ATS algorithms and will make you stand out from other applicants. To tailor your resume, you should include skills, values, and experience, relevant to the job you apply for.

Make sure that you use the same keywords as those mentioned in the job posting. For example, let’s say you are well-versed in statistics. If instead of statistics, the job description mentions “data analysis” as a required skill, you should put “data analysis” in the skills section of your resume.

Am I Less Likely To Get Hired if I Use a Pre-Made Resume?

According to JobScan, HR departments claim they do not discriminate against individuals using pre-made resume templates.

Most of the time, you aren’t less likely to get hired if you use a pre-made resume, though that could be different for different hiring managers. While some care about how you present your resume, most claim to focus more on the content, data, and professional skills for the job.

Some companies require that the candidate create a resume following precise formatting and stylistic instructions. This might be in response to requests by hiring managers, who find it easier to skim through resumes in a consistent format. It makes reviewing applications much more manageable.

Using a pre-made template means you’re using a standard format most people are accustomed to seeing. With a bit of customization, your resume becomes compelling and unique!

Do Recruiters Prefer Fancy Resumes or Simple Resumes?

In a competitive market, choosing between a simple or fancy resume can be difficult. This is especially true when trying to make your way into the world by finding your first job.

Some recruiters appreciate fancy resumes, while others prefer simpler ones. This depends on the job type (creative jobs like fancy resumes) and personal preference. Some managers with 20+ years of experience recruiting claim to love fancy resumes. Others like keeping it short and professional.

After extensive research and interviewing hiring managers, it is safe to say that in companies where creativity and innovation are valued, hiring managers consider a fancy resume with clip art and photography appealing. However, a creative resume can go horribly wrong if not done right!

In other cases, for brands or jobs that require a more professional and straight approach, the hiring managers like simpler resumes so they can look through hundreds of resumes received daily.

In short, the preference of hiring managers mainly depends on the company and the position you’re trying to secure.

Final Thoughts

Building a resume is an overwhelming task that always takes a lot of effort and makes you sweat. A pre-made template can add significant benefits and assist you in many ways, from saving time on the sectioning to providing an outline to fill in the details. 

So, next time you decide to go gunning for your desired position, make sure you use a pre-made template that best describes your abilities and reflects your skills! This will make your resume writing a piece of cake.

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