Professor Rankings: The Key Differences

Professor rankings: an overview of academic ranks

Here’s the deal: academic ranks are complicated.

For those who are thinking of joining academia through a master’s degree or a doctoral program, professors rankings can be downright confusing.

To help lessen this confusion, we will reveal the different types of professors (and what makes each position unique).

Academic ranks: an overview

The following table ranks the different types of professors and gives an average salary estimates for each position.

RankAcademic RankSalary Per HourSalary Per Year
7Teaching Assistant$16$24,000 
6Visiting Professor$33$37,500 
5Assistant Professor$45$77,493
4Associate Professor$46$87,761
3Full Professor$59 $96,820
2Endowed Professor$253,755
1Distinguished Professor$226,270
RetiredProfessor Emeritus$44$46,366

Frequently asked questions

In an effort to make each answer readable, I published seperate articles for the most common questions about professor rankings:

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