How to Reschedule an Interview Due to Illness [Email Examples]

How to Reschedule an Interview Due to Illness [Email Examples]

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It’s less than ideal; you landed an interview for what you think is the perfect job. Then, just days- or maybe worse, just hours before your big interview, you find yourself under the weather. You certainly don’t want to, but you think you may need to reschedule your interview. 

To reschedule an interview due to illness, contact your interviewers immediately and explain your reasons succinctly. Offer alternative dates, and follow up with the hiring manager if necessary. Ensure that you contact the interviewers on the method they prefer- whether it is a call or an email. 

This article will walk you through the four simple steps to reschedule an interview due to illness. It also provides email examples to help you with this process. Rest assured that you will not lose the opportunity because you are ill. 

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1. Contact the Interviewer Immediately

Canceling or rescheduling an interview may be a dreaded task, but you should not delay in contacting the interviewer. As soon as you realize that you are too ill to do your interview, you should reach out to the interviewer. 

Interviewers experience cancellations and requests to reschedule; it is bound to happen. However, it is best to avoid canceling or attempting to reschedule your interview on short notice. The interviewer is more likely to understand when you give notice in advance, if possible.

There are pros and cons to contacting the interviewer via phone. Phone calls tend to be more personal, but depending on the interviewer, they may not have consistent access to a phone or receive too many phone calls in a day. 

On the other hand, emails may get overlooked, or the interviewer may not see your email before your scheduled interview time. However, emails are time and date stamped and can easily be referred back to. 

Sometimes, email may be the interviewer’s preferred method of communication, or a direct phone number may not have been provided to you.

2. Explain Why You Are Rescheduling

When you speak with the interviewer, you must explain why you are rescheduling. If you explain that you have fallen ill, the interviewer will likely be understanding and willing to reschedule, if possible. 

Asking to reschedule due to illness may actually be favorable to you. The interviewer would appreciate that you took steps to prevent any illness that may be contagious. 

Finally, be sure to apologize for any inconvenience you have caused. While it is best to stay home when you are ill, and it is beyond your control, it is courteous to apologize. 

3. Offer Options for Interview Dates

It is hard to gauge when you will fully recover, but you may want to offer some possible times and dates at least a few days out. This should all be based on the severity of your illness; you do not want to reschedule the interview a second time.

Tell the interviewer that you are still excited about the opportunity. You can mention some times and dates you are available, but ultimately, it is up to the interviewer’s schedule, so be flexible. Make it clear that you’re suggesting a time when you will be physically able to attend the interview. 

Another possible option is a phone or virtual interview. While this may not be a viable option for some job opportunities, it very well may be for others. Asking about a phone or virtual interview may show the interviewer how serious you are about the open job position.

4. Follow Up

Hopefully, you and your interviewer are able to find a new time and date that works for both of you. If this is the case, you will want to follow up with the interviewer. 

This is simple. Either by phone or email, contact the interviewer. Thank him or her for rescheduling. Then, confirm that you will be interviewing with them on the rescheduled date. By doing this, you further demonstrate your interest in the open job position.

Requesting to reschedule an email may be intimidating. But, this easy to follow email templates below can certainly help alleviate the concerns of properly rescheduling an interview due to illness. 

Use one of these three templates to properly reschedule an interview so you can focus on recovering from your illness. 

Email Example 1

Hello [interviewer]

I am excited to interview for the [name of open job position]. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to participate in the interview we scheduled for [date] at [time] due to an illness. I expect to fully recover in a few days time, so if it is possible, I would like to reschedule the interview for early next week. 

I am deeply sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. I am still excited to discuss this opportunity at [name of company]. I hope to meet with you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration,


Email Example 2

Hello [interviewer]

I have been looking forward to meeting with you on [date] at [time] to discuss the [name of open job position]. However, due to an unexpected illness, I will be unable to meet on that day and time. I expect to recover in the next few days. Would it be possible to reschedule the interview for an afternoon next week?

I want to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. I look forward to hearing from you, and I hope that we can meet next week.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration.



Email Example 3

Hello [interviewer]

Thank you for the opportunity to meet with you on [date] at [time] to interview for [name of open job position]. 

Unfortunately, I have unexpectedly become ill. I will be unable to meet with you at our scheduled day and time, but I would like to reschedule for Thursday [date] or Friday [date] if possible. If those dates are inconvenient for you, please let me know.

I apologize for rescheduling on short notice, but I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity at [name of company].

I appreciate your understanding.

Kindest Regards,



Getting sick is inevitable, and most times, being ill is certainly inconvenient. This is only compounded when you get sick just before the interview that you are looking forward to. Hopefully, this article has provided valuable tips that will lead to a successfully rescheduled interview when you are healthy again.

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