5 Reasons Why Teachers Are so Important in Our Society

5 Reasons Why Teachers Are so Important in Our Society

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Do you know what grinds my gears?

When people underestimate the importance of teachers in our society!

Don’t underestimate teachers: I will argue that without them, our society would collapse.  There would be no doctors to mend the sick. There would be no engineers to build infrastructure. Electricity wouldn’t exist. The internet would just be an idea.

Without university professors, no great minds would contribute to the betterment of our modern society. Even though this topic may seem apparent, I’m going to justify their value by sharing with you irrefutable evidence proving that their role is of extreme importance.

Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why teaching is so important in our society.

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1. Formal Education Is The Key to Success

Formal education is your ticket to success and prosperity.

In fact, education plays a critical role in our personal lives and future career. Without passionate teachers, success and prosperity may only be a fantasy. Have a look for yourself, the infographics below show the difference in income by educational attainment. It is clear those who benefited the most from the education system have a bigger salary (as well as a lower unemployment rate).

My point is, teachers play an important role in the success of many individuals. In fact, quality teachers may shape students lives in unexpected ways.

2. Teachers Shape The Future Generations

Teachers are important because they mold the next generation’s behavior.

Think about it: Teachers have access to our brains during our most impressionable years. If a teacher is a racist, there’s a good chance that his students will be influenced by this behavior. On the other hand, if teachers preach love, demonstrate kindness, and are generous, then students get the opportunity to follow the path of their role models.

Here’s what makes the difference between a good teacher and a truly great teacher who impacts the personal lives of their student:

  • Compassion: Compassion is empathy and caring in action. Empathy enables the teachers to connect with his students. Being open to others enables us to face tough times with creativity and resilience.
  • Patience: You can not learn calculus in two days. Great teachers respect the difficulties of their students and appreciate their progress. When students the patience of their teachers, they are more prone to set long term goals for themselves.
  • Conscientiousness: Students need to do their homework well and thoroughly. If teachers do not put much efforts in their courses, students will not put so much effort in their studies.

The best teachers set the bar high for young people to follow. Ultimately, teachers have an enormous responsibility because they have our child’s education in their hands.

3. Teachers Are the Powerhouse of the Economy

The more graduates we produce, the stronger the economy.

And how well a teacher teaches his/her student is proportional to the number of graduates produced in an institution. Teachers are the ones truly responsible for how a country’s workforce performs.

When a teacher dedicates his time to encourage students to never accept failure, the better the students find ways to get a job, build a business, and contribute to society. This mindset will also propel students to practice excellence over mediocrity, which will, again, positively impact the country’s economy.

That is why it’s also imperative for teachers to facilitate and assess students properly.

Allowing students to pass out of empathy rather than objectively showing capability is a big no as it will instead produce low-quality professionals.

4. Teachers Prepare Us For The Harshness Of Reality

Some teachers prefer traditional classes and teach in a formal way, others prefer engaging lessons. Either way, students learn how to adapt to this microcosm before facing the harshness of reality. School is an intermediary stage where students can develop some fundamental traits such as hard work, conscientiousness, perseverance, and other life skills.

Aside from core academic subjects, teachers are important because they are partly responsible for shaping our character. They teach students how to regulate their feelings, thoughts, and actions into pro-social behaviors.

Your friends allow you to explore who you are. Your peers allow you to become more competitive. But your teachers have the moral obligation to help you become a person people can rely on — one who can make a positive impact on everyone.

At leasst, that’s what a teacher should aim for. Teachers should provide a support system upon which students can build their personalities. That’s why teachers are so important as they have the power to shape how the next generation will act.

5. They Unlock Our Full Potential

If you’re a regular person, you’ve mastered math in a classroom. Granted, your mom or dad may have taught addition and subtraction to you first, but being proficient at mathematics is all thanks to your teachers for consistently bombarding you with equations and math problems.

Great teachers have the patience to assess and refine your skills. They are there to help you reach your maximum potential. My point is, formally educating you with math, science, and English is a teacher’s primary role.

Apart from their teaching responsibilities, teachers also keep an eye on your talents. Sometimes, we aren’t aware of where we excel or what our innate skills are. Teachers are pretty good at spotting these golden nuggets. They can also implement learning strategies to help those who are left behing.

Without their subtle push and sincere guidance, some of the greatest contributors to humankind wouldn’t exist.

I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Duncan.” — Oprah Winfrey

Mr. Spurlin helped me organize and run things as a student.” — Bill Clinton

You see, because of teachers, people are more comfortable and confident about the roads they plan on taking. 

You spend just as much time in the classroom as your house during your younger years, and the people that first detect where you shine the most are your teachers. 

When teachers are passionate about what they do, they can truly bring the best in you.

Final Words

Teachers are more than important in our society, they are essential.

They are what makes our world full of aspiring people. Teaching is an important job, because it shapes everything from children to the higher education system.

A great teacher doesn’t limit himself/herself in the confinement of a classroom. A great teacher is one that can positively influence the people around him to become better. Great teachers help us dream bigger, and play an active role in our learning of knowledge.

Respect your teachers because, without them, you wouldn’t be able to read this post.