Writing Guide: 50 Real Thesis Statement Examples

Writing Guide: 50 Real Thesis Statement Examples

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At some point in your academic endeavor, you will have to write an essay or research paper. The information of your research paper revolves around the main argument referred to as the thesis statement.

In this article, you will learn more about thesis statements and how to write them. You will also know how to identify thesis statements from academic papers. We have curated examples of thesis statements from actual research papers across different disciplines to guide you in constructing your thesis statement.

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What Is a Good Thesis Statement?

A good thesis statement is a sentence or paragraph that encapsulates the main idea of your paper. Not only does it provide information about the topic, but it also expresses the writer’s stand about the subject matter in discussion. Furthermore, a thesis makes an arguable assertion that would require evidence.  

A thesis statement is either explicit or implied.

An explicit thesis directly states the main argument of the writer. It tells the specifics of the paper and leaves no implications for the readers. Example:

Africa is facing extreme political corruption, resulting in unreliable healthcare.

On the other hand, an implied thesis statement is indirect (similar to novel introductions). Sometimes, this statement type is not even in the paper itself. The readers have to gather information provided in the paper to come up with the implied thesis statement. Example:

Africa’s healthcare is crumbling because of one core problem.

An argumentative thesis takes a position, asserting the writer’s stance. Questions, vague statements, or quotations from others are not argumentative theses because they do not assert the writer’s viewpoint.

Examples of Thesis Statements

To identify the thesis statement, you should begin by reading the entire paper. After that, write one or two sentences that summarize your reading. Then look for statements in the thesis that are similar to your written summary. Statements similar to what you wrote are likely the thesis statement of the academic paper.

Thesis statements are usually specified in the abstract, which is a brief of the research paper. The abstract section highlights the primary purpose, methods, and findings of the research study. In some cases, you may need to read the introduction to identify the thesis statement. Also, the paper’s conclusion may provide a more straightforward account of what the author is trying to prove in his writing.

Here are some argumentative thesis statements from university research papers and reputable journal publications across different fields.

Education Thesis Statement Examples

  • Using mobile computers enhances vocabulary learning and retention and contributes to students’ motivation to learn.
  • The camaraderie of being with their peers, love of reading, interest in the book club book, and the collaborative community book clubs create make book clubs an excellent reading promotional tool that enhances a school library program’s reading culture.
  • Immersive virtual reality (VR) training can provide a learner with a highly engaging virtual learning environment and stimulating experience that accommodates self-paced and self-directed learning.
  • Students prefer reading graphic novels over traditional novels.
  • Blended learning increases student engagement, student achievement, and positive student perceptions.
  • Students’ writing improves, and the experience becomes more engaging when technology is used to enhance collaboration, feedback, editing, and revision,
  • Invented spelling is a beneficial technique to helping young children learn to read and write and has a positive influence on their reading and writing abilities.
  • While typically developing young children have a simple understanding of disabilities and state their intention to play with and include peers with disabilities, they are significantly less likely to play and be friends with their peers with disabilities.
  • Extending mathematical learning through writing creates a sense of community among students, allows student reflection and application, and helps students gain a deeper understanding of a mathematical concept.
  • Serious gaming, whose primary goal is not entertainment but to educate the user, can improve student achievement, meet their different learning styles, and enhance student motivation across curricular areas and regions.

Psychology Thesis Statement Examples

  • The results of online surveys must be regarded as tentative when the surveys are distributed to an unknown audience and when voluntary participation in the survey can result in respondents with biases selecting themselves into the sample.
  • Trigger warnings are not helpful for trauma survivors.
  • In order to raise the psychological resilience of healthcare professionals working during the COVID-19 pandemic, their quality of sleep, positive emotions, and life satisfaction need to be enhanced.
  • Children with relatively high narcissism tend to emerge as leaders, even though they may not excel as one.
  • Children with intense exposure to stress associated with parents’ mental health are at risk of heightened distress throughout adulthood.
  • Compared with younger adults, older people are more willing to put in effort for others and exert equal force for themselves and others.
  • Being ostracized triggers the desire for solitude.
  • Women will rate stronger men as more attractive than weaker men, irrespective of the ecological condition.
  • The employment chances of applicants of different gender and racial backgrounds are highly dependent on their perceived congruence with the feminine or masculine traits of the job they apply to.
  • Individuals seeking to join groups consisting of people who look like them, and the groups preferentially accept new members who resemble those already in the group.

Medicine Thesis Statement Examples

  • Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) have reduced heart rate variability compared to healthy patients.
  • The detection of an abnormal metabolic milieu in persons presenting with stroke makes a case for aggressive treatment to improve stroke outcomes and secondary prevention of cerebrovascular disease.
  • Patients with severe rheumatic mitral stenosis in atrial fibrillation or sinus rhythm have a higher risk of developing spontaneous echo contrast.
  • Motivational states such as hunger, sexual arousal, and perhaps early symptoms of drug withdrawal increase the incentive salience of reward-related cues and the reward itself.
  • Acute auditory stimulation with excitatory heavy metal music decreases cardiac autonomic regulation.
  • The prevalence of Burnout syndrome is high among single women without additional employment, who rarely dedicate weekends to family, leisure activities, and social life.
  • The prevalence of hyperglycemia and hypocalcemia in post-thyroidectomy patients is high.
  • Respiratory physiotherapy is an effective therapy for the treatment of newborns with Acute Viral Bronchitis.
  • The aggregation of risk behaviors, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and physical inactivity, potentiate the occurrence of hypertension and obesity among individuals.
  • Individuals with Down Syndrome, when compared to individuals of the same age who do not have the Syndrome, individuals with Down Syndrome have more difficulty integrating the motor action to an external stimulus.

Social Science Thesis Statement Examples

  • Nonsmoker cohabiters are more likely to marry than daily and intermittent smokers of cigarettes and marijuana.
  • Foreign economic migrations can affect the quality and type of social capital present in ethnically diverse local communities on cultural borders.
  • Subsidizing childcare boosts the labor supply of women and parents of a lower social status.
  • Whilst receiving a pension, highly educated men want to work as self-employed upon retirement.
  • Poor English proficiency negatively affects the academic achievements and retention rate of refugee students in online education.
  • Socio-economically disadvantaged students, with the right support, can succeed academically.
  • Follower perceptions of a communal leadership orientation moderate the relationship between key organizational characteristics and workplace bullying such that the relationship is weaker when perceptions of a communal leadership orientation are higher.
  • In a time of aging populations with associated frailty, investment in frail older people’s self-management abilities and the productivity of patient-professional interactions is beneficial for this population’s well-being.
  • Young people are not only kept in reserve as cheap labor through practices of support systems in the context of austerity politics but that the poverty and debt of young people in the context of economic vulnerability are in themselves techniques of governing and shaping the selves of young people to become psycho- emotionally vulnerable.
  • Income makes a difference in happiness by dampening the harmful effects of poor health and unfavorable life events.

Economics Thesis Statement Examples

  • As marijuana becomes easier to obtain through legalization, individuals with addictions substitute marijuana for opioids use.
  • An increase in total employment decreases mortality rates in communities with a relatively high proportion of pedestrians, cyclists, and public transportation users and a relatively low proportion of commuters dependent on personal automobiles.
  • Religious involvement and membership in a family unit are essential drivers of subjective well-being, increasing life satisfaction.
  • Democracy in low- and high-income countries reduces carbon emissions.
  • The population is attracted to counties with access to protected federal land, and this population creates employment.
  • Low-income households demand less residential service than other households not only because of their relatively tight budget constraints but also because of differing preferences for Internet applications.
  • Mass testing coupled with the quarantining of positive cases and their contacts is effective in mitigating pandemics.
  • Institutional investors induce innovation in industries with high dependence on external finance and firms with initially low credit ratings by alleviating financial constraints.
  • When talent is randomly distributed in the population, barriers to women’s education, employment, or occupational choice reduce the pool of talent in the economy.
  • Institutional investors purposely increase Bitcoin’s media coverage and increase its search frequency, thus attracting more individual traders and making a profit by manipulating the Bitcoin price.

How Do I Write a Thesis Statement?

A good thesis statement can only be fully constructed when an essay or a research paper is completed. Writing a thesis statement usually requires collecting evidence, synthesizing ideas or theories, and establishing the relationships between facts to support your argument. 

In developing a thesis, you start by formulating a working thesis statement, an initial statement that presents the core argument of your paper. Your working thesis may need revisions to make it into a more assertive claim along the writing process. 

Anticipating counterarguments may help you strengthen your claim and refine your thesis. Eventually, it will evolve into the final thesis statement of your paper.

Here is a common technique that most authors follow today to get a better understanding of their thesis:

Write Your Topic Concisely

Answer this question in one sentence: “what is your thesis paper all about?” As much as possible, be specific without going into the intricacies. 

List Your Main Ideas 

Bring your opinions to the table. What is your take on your topic, and what do you want your readers to digest? What is your stance?

List at least three main ideas that you think are essential for your readers. Do not forget that a weak thesis statement does not encapsulate enough information about the topic.

Create a Supporting List

Write to explain why your main ideas make sense and why readers should embrace them. Be sure to provide evidence, sources, and facts. 

Write a Counter-Statement

Try to put yourself in the opposition. A remarkable statement is not one without any counterargument but one that can reason out through logic and the presentation of evidence. 

With all these prepared, you should see a blueprint of what you are trying to express. Use your answers as a guide to developing a robust final thesis statement in one sentence. For lengthy theses over 15 pages, one sentence may not be enough. Nonetheless, the more concise you are, the better.

The Different Types of Thesis Statements

Academic writing is complex and there are different ways to summarize a subject:

  • An argumentative thesis statement is a clear position on a debatable issue. It suggests the supporting reason(s) for that stance, which will be discussed further in the body of the essay.
  • Persuasive/Proposal thesis statement is a clear position on a debatable issue, attempting to persuade a specific audience to enact some sort of change, and suggests or states the supporting reason(s) for that stance.
  • An Informative/Expository thesis statement introduces the subject and states the specific elements to be discussed in the body of the essay. Informative writing does not contain the writer’s opinion and should not attempt to form an argument or persuade readers.
  • A contrast thesis statement introduces the subjects to be compared in the body of the essay and suggests the specific points upon which they will be compared.


Creating a thesis is a process. You need not be an expert in writing to formulate a thesis statement. Start with a sentence that summarizes your main point, and supply relevant information about your claim. Along the process, you will eventually arrive with a solid thesis statement for your paper.