Call Center Interview Question: “Why Should We Hire You”

Call Center Interview Question: “Why Should We Hire You”

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If we’re anything alike, then interviews probably also give you a lot of anxiety. You could be great at what you do, with solid employment history and enviable skills, and still dread interviews. The best way to overcome this is to prepare for interviews, especially how to answer the question: why should we hire you?

Answer the question by going over the parts of your resume that make you the best candidate for this position. Remember that not all call center jobs are the same. Some will involve sales, while others will be more customer service oriented. Highlight your experience that makes you an ideal fit.

The rest of this article will discuss why hiring managers ask this question and how you can answer in a way that puts you leagues ahead of other applicants. If this is something you think would be helpful for an upcoming interview, keep reading until the end of the article to learn how you can ace your interview. 

Why Interviewers Ask This Question

We’ve already mentioned that interviewers ask this to assess your confidence because it gives them an idea of how you would fare in the position you applied for. Some job-seekers regard this as a trick question. They worry that overselling yourself would come across as arrogant and presumptuous, whereas underselling yourself could leave you in the dust of other applicants.

But it’s not a trick question, albeit a rather direct one. Call center jobs are not for timid talkers. Assertiveness and level-headedness are requirements of the job. Call center companies want to know you aren’t someone who gets flustered when taking a call from an angry or unreasonable client. There are worse things on the job than a nerve-racking interview question. 

To summarize why hiring managers ask this:

  • They want to know if you have the confidence it takes to perform well on the job.
  • They want to know that you care about the company’s goals and success.
  • They want to see what you can bring to the table that other applicants can’t. 

So essentially, the question is designed and asked to give you a chance to pitch yourself to your prospective employers. There is a way to “sell” yourself without crossing the line to arrogance. The best way to overcome pre-interview nerves is to prepare for the interview with research and some rehearsal. 

How to Answer the Question

As mentioned in the first section of this article, your answer may need to vary depending on the specific position you are applying for. Call center positions vary. It could hurt your chances of getting hired if you are applying for a customer service position and you answer like you are applying for a sales and marketing job. 

Here are the various positions at call centers:

  • Entry level position
  • Marketing position
  • Sales position
  • Customer care
  • Managerial position

Before applying for the job, understand the position you are applying for. If you have previously held a similar or identical position, then you already have an idea what the company is looking for. But do not be complacent. Do your due diligence and research further into the company you are applying to. Know their mission-vision statements and core values. 

Also, it would serve you well to try to learn more about company culture. This is so that you can personalize your answer. Job-seekers often make the mistake of going to an interview with generic answers that they could give at any company. To stand out as an applicant, your resume and interviews should be personalized.

A trick I like to use is to analyze the job description that comes with the job listing. Note the keywords used in the job description and mention them in your answer. Answering this way could leave the impression that you have given much thought to your future with the company. It also makes you feel “familiar,” like you already belong with the company. 

Doing this can mean all the difference in your prospects of landing the job. Now let us discuss how you might answer for the specific call center positions.

Entry Level Position

Entry-level positions are often trickier to get than one would think. Being an entry-level position, it is usually understood that the applicant has minimal or no prior experience in the job. However, applicants are often a mixed bag. 

Some may not have experience in the job offer, but they may have some other work experience. It cannot be avoided that some hiring managers have a bias for applicants who already have an employment history. 

Here’s how to approach this interview question for entry-level jobs:

  • Begin by acknowledging the fact that you have no experience. This makes you come across as sincere and transparent, which most hiring managers are impressed by.
  • Assure them of your willingness to learn. They want to know you are someone who is teachable.
  • Assure them of your ability to learn. You want to mention that you are a fast learner and would be capable of keeping up with the demands of the job. 
  • Let them know you are motivated. Motivation is a powerful tool that increases productivity. Prospective employers want employees who are self-motivated and can motivate others. 

An example of how you can tie this all together:

While I am aware of my lack of experience, I am eager to learn. I have always been a fast learner and feel confident I can pick up the skills I need to excel at this position…

Marketing Position

What hiring managers often look for in telemarketers is passion. This job is often highly competitive and frustrating. Without enthusiasm for the job, most telemarketers would burn out, and performances would tank. 

Here’s how to convince prospective employers you are the right fit for the job:

  • Talk about your people skills and mention any work history in which you have succeeded turning potential clients into customers. 
  • Mention that you are excited about sharing campaign ideas for your clients. 

One way to state this is as follows:

Connecting with people is something I do well, and it has helped me make customers out of potential clients. I feel passionate about marketing, and it excites me to brainstorm and collaborate on campaign ideas.

Sales Position

Sales can be a tough position to apply for. Hiring managers are particular about previous sales experience when filling sales positions because selling over the phone is more challenging than sales done face-to-face. 

Selling over the phone means the customer is unable to take visual cues such as smiling, nodding in agreement, nodding understandably, and holding the product up confidently. Your verbal communication skills will have to make the sale. 

You must convince prospective employers that you have the skills to persuade potential clients to spend on your company’s product. While they provide scripts to help you with this, reading from a script and flawlessly executing the spiel are two different things.

Here’s how you can put this position in the bag:

  • Talk about how much you personally love the product the company is selling.
  • Mention that if you ever have to sell a product you don’t personally love, you still believe in the company’s vision. 
  • Assure them that you can deal with different personalities you encounter, either personally or over the phone. 

Here’s how you might state that:

I personally love the product and believe it can add value to the lives of our customers. Product fluency is something I take seriously. Even if I have to sell a product I haven’t personally experienced, I have the utmost confidence in the company’s commitment to quality and excellence. My experience in sales has also equipped me with the skills to deal with different personalities.

Customer Care

Customer care is another more complicated position. This is the job where agents take callers who are having problems with the product or service. This often means they are already frustrated before they punch in the call. 

Hiring managers are looking for applicants with the patience and resilience to deal with the challenges of the job. After all, customer care reflects the company’s values. Agents who are irritable or sarcastic could put the company in a bad light. 

Here’s how to convince hiring managers you fit the bill:

  • State that you have the understanding and compassion needed for the position.
  • Assure them that you can deal with the often emotionally-taxing demands of the job. 
  • Assure them that you value the company’s reputation and would never react in a way that misrepresents its values.

Here’s how you can tie that together:

Helping others is something I enjoy. I fully understand that dealing with angry or even unreasonable clients is part of the job and I am prepared to take on the challenges of the position. My past work and life experiences have taught me compassion for such clients, and this helps me keep things in perspective in a job that can be emotionally taxing. I am committed to upholding the company’s values in every aspect of my work.

Managerial Position

A managerial position is a leadership position. So hiring managers are looking for someone who can motivate and collaborate with others. Hiring managers want someone who can bring people together to achieve the company’s goals. 

Your value to the company goes up if you have experience in change management. Companies hope to hire managers who can help the company make or adapt to necessary changes that enable them to stay ahead or keep up with the competition.

Here’s a breakdown of how to convince them why they should hire you:

  • Mention your ability to motivate others.
  • Mention any impact you have made in companies in your work history.
  • Talk about your commitment to the company’s growth.

Here’s how you can state this:

I possess the ability to motivate others towards a common goal. In my previous workplace, I helped increase productivity by 30% and helped boost customer-satisfaction ratings. I believe in the vision and values of this company, and I am committed to its growth and success.

Final Thoughts

The best way to convince a company that you are the guy or gal for the job is to be prepared for the interview question that asks you just that. Even the most tenured and skilled applicants stumble over this question. Personalize your answer to the position you are applying for and answer confidently to stand out to hiring managers.