Nathan Brunner

I am a swiss mathematician and I care about student personal finance. I have written hundreds of articles on the subject and I have discovered that students struggle to earn money on the side. To solve this problem, I have founded, a website where students can find jobs to make money on the side.

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How to Get a Copy of Your High School Diploma

If you need a copy of your original high school diploma to further your studies, apply for a job, or put it on display, you’re not alone. Almost 30 million diplomas were handed out in the last ten years. That’s a lot of paper floating around that can be destroyed, lost, stolen, or misplaced. But …

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60 Motivational Quotes That Will Help You Study Harder

I understand how difficult it is to get on your feet, pick up that science book, and start studying.  It is hard.  Sometimes, all you need is a little nudge to get you started. This is why I have selected quotes that will remind you why you’re studying in the first place. I am confident …

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Studying While High on Marijuana: Good or Bad Idea?

For most people, college can be one of the craziest times of their life. Marijuana and many other recreational drugs are just on the campus lurking. Paired with the influence of a friend, getting high isn’t that uncommon — especially now that many states are legalizing it.  However, is it your ticket to good grades …

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16 Reasons to Work Part-Time as a Student

You’re probably a broke student, wondering, “Is it worth it to work part-time?“ I understand where you’re coming from; taking on a part-time job while pursuing a degree seems like a total drag! However, part-time jobs have multiple benefits for students. You don’t believe me, do you? Here are 16 reasons why you should hold a …

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The Effects of Part-Time Jobs on Grades

Contrary to what teachers think, part-time jobs of less than 15 hours a week have no effect on grades! That’s the conclusion I came down to after an in-depth analysis of the scientific literature. However, it does not mean that there are no downsides to holding a job while studying. In fact, the data also …

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How Long Is a College Semester?

A college semester is typically 15 weeks or 75 days long. Please take note that we are talking about the spring and fall semesters in the U.S. There are a lot of factors that can make your semester longer or shorter. Moreover, depending on your school and program, they may require you to take summer …

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