Nathan Brunner

I am a mathematician, and I care about employment opportunities for everyone. Since all employment sites promote the same high-marketing budget jobs, some candidates end up applying to hundreds of jobs before getting a positive reply. To solve this, I have built a search engine ( where less-skilled candidates can find accessible employment opportunities. Through my other venture ( I also help gig economy companies hire on-demand workers at scale for jobs such as babysitting, dog walking, delivery driving, tutoring, etc.

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What Does “Supervisor’s Title” Mean on a Job Application?

Job applications can be confusing, plus almost every single one is different. They have a variety of questions to answer and information needed to be completed. A common question when it comes to job applications is what does “supervisor’s title” mean? “Supervisor’s Title” can mean that this is a low-level manager job. You’ll be executing …

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How to Find Your Elementary School Yearbook

If you are trying to find some way to obtain your old elementary school yearbook, then you have come to the right place! Many individuals have difficulty locating their old yearbooks, and they think that there is no chance they will ever be able to find them again. However, that is entirely untrue and there …

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What Is an Assistantship?

An assistantship is academic employment that aims to provide students with financial support in exchange for the students’ labor in either research or instruction. Assistantship programs are commonly offered in graduate studies, where appointed graduate student assistants are required to help professors prepare for undergraduate classes or research-related projects. Furthermore, an assistantship position allows the …

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Writing Guide: 50 Real Thesis Statement Examples

At some point in your academic endeavor, you will have to write an essay or research paper. The information of your research paper revolves around the main argument referred to as the thesis statement. In this article, you will learn more about thesis statements and how to write them. You will also know how to …

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What Does “Notice Period” Mean on a Job Application?

When job seekers resign from their current position, they are not relieved immediately. Instead, they have to serve a “notice period”. The notice period gives their current employer time to prepare for their departure. The notice period is used to make sure you have completed all pending tasks and returned all company equipment such as …

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What Should I Put for “Date Available” on a Job Application?

In job seeking, companies usually require you to fill out an application form during the hiring process. Such a form asks for your personal and other specific information related to the work applied. For example, in filling it out, you might come across a section that asks for the date of your availability for work. …

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What Does “Employer Name” Mean on a Job Application?

During the hiring process, most job application forms will ask for your employment history, which may include the name of your previous employers and current employer. However, it is not always clear whether “employer name” should be interpreted as the name of a company or the name of an individual with the highest authority within …

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What Does “Highest Academic Level” Mean on a Job Application

Job application forms usually require you to fill in some personal information, including your name, address, age, sex, etc. Another standard section you have to answer in such forms is your educational attainment or highest level of education. Your “Highest Academic Level” should be filled out with the highest degree or qualifications you hold. Possible …

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The Differences Between Upper-Division and Lower-Division Courses

With your admission to an undergraduate degree, the classes you are to take are assigned into upper-division and lower-division courses. In this article, you will learn to distinguish between the upper and lower-division courses by looking at their course code. Additionally, you will know the key differences between the content of upper-division and lower-division courses.Find …

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