Freelance Web Developer: Job Description for Recruiters

Do you want to write a job description that attracts competent freelance web developers?

Good news: we have put together a job description template that you can adapt to your needs!

Choose the right job title

Your job title is the first thing that candidates see!

It is crucial to choose a job title that accurately describes the tasks and responsibilities of your position. Here are some job titles you can use to hire freelance web developers:

  • WordPress web developer (builds blogs and basic websites using WordPress)
  • Shopify web developer (builds eCommerce websites)
  • Web designer (works on the appearance of your website)
  • Front-end web developer (builds everything that you see when visiting a website)
  • Back-end web developer (manages databases and builds algorithms)
  • Full-stack freelance web developer (both back-end and front-end web development)

Don’t forget to specify in your job title that you are looking for a freelance position: freelance web developer, freelance web designer, etc.

Write a descriptive job summary

A job summary is an overview of the expectations that come with the job. It introduces the main point of the job description, like key responsibilities, functions, and duties.

Here’s a job summary template that you can adapt to your position:

We are looking for an outstanding freelance WordPress web developer to build a website for our football club.

We need a website with:

  • A homepage
  • A page for each football player
  • A blog where we can easily post recent news about our club
  • A donation page

Your responsibilities include designing the layout of the different pages, building the website with input from our team, hosting the website, and keeping the pages up to date.

Responsibilities and duties

Here you should outline the tasks to be executed on a regular basis and how the job functions.

The responsibilities of freelance web developers usually are:

  • Create the layout of the website with HTML and CSS.
  • Host the website on a fast and secure server.
  • Create documentation on how to modify and expand the website.
  • Maintain and update the website.

Qualifications and skills

Typical qualifications/requirements include:

  • A portfolio of websites that highlights web development skills.
  • Proof that you can develop websites with WordPress or other CMSs.
  • Understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other languages.

Successful freelance web developers should have the following skills and traits:

  • Communication (crucial to adapt the website to our needs)
  • Search Engine Optimization (to get visitors from search engines like Google)
  • Responsive design skills (to make the website usable on mobile devices)
  • Javascript and back-end web development (for web applications)

More information about the job

Here is some useful information to take into consideration before hiring a freelance web developer:

  • Salary: $20 per hour (on average).
  • Training time: a few weeks.
  • Workload: at least 15 hours per week.

You can train freelance web developers with this guide: How to Become a Freelance Web Developer.