Research Assistant: Job Description Template for Recruiters

Do you want to write a job description that attracts competent research assistants?

Good news: we have put together a job description template that you can adapt to your needs!

Choose the right job title

Your job title is the first thing that candidates see!

It is crucial to choose a job title that accurately describes the tasks and responsibilities of your position. Here are some job titles you can use to hire research assistants:

  • Research Assistant (Bachelor’s or Master’s degree)
  • Clinical research assistant (employed by medical research centers)
  • Research Associate (Postdoc with 3–5 years of research experience)

Write a descriptive job summary

A job summary is an overview of the expectations that come with the job. It introduces the main point of the job description, like key responsibilities, functions, and duties.

Here’s a job summary template that you can adapt to your position:

We are looking for a detail-oriented research assistant to gather and analyze psychometric data. Your role also includes performing clerical duties such as writing articles, reports, and presentations.

The ideal candidate holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and is not afraid to learn new ideas. Under the supervision of your professor, you will get the opportunity to learn how to conduct proper academic research.

Responsibilities and duties

Here you should outline the tasks to be executed on a regular basis and how the job functions.

The responsibilities of research assistants usually are:

  • Assisting the primary researchers in carrying out experiments and research
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Conduct literature reviews
  • Attend project meetings
  • Conduct statistical analysis of the data
  • Performs routine clerical duties such as writing articles, reports, and presentations.

Qualifications and skills

Typical qualifications/requirements include:

  • Required: A bachelor’s degree in a related field of study.
  • Preferred: Academic or work experience related to the field of research.

Successful research assistants should have the following skills and traits:

  • Critical thinking (it is crucial to analyze and interpret the results of research)
  • Data science (statistical analysis, data collection, etc.)
  • Creativity (generate new models and concepts based on the outcomes)
  • Collaboration and teamwork skills (to work with the research team)
  • Communication skills

More information about the job

Here is some useful information to take into consideration before hiring a research assistant:

  • Salary: $22 per hour (on average).
  • Training time: a few weeks.
  • Workload: at least 15 hours per week.