9 Jobs for Sex Offenders Who Want to Start a New Life

9 Jobs for Sex Offenders Who Want to Start a New Life

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Having a criminal record nearly always makes it challenging to find a job. Luckily, there are quite a few jobs if you have a history of being a sex offender. 

Some jobs that registered sex offenders can get started in include working in a warehouse, doing construction, working in the automotive industry, and even helping out at animal shelters. The main thing is that registered sex offenders won’t be able to work around minors. 

Today, we’ll take the time to learn about what jobs registered sex offenders can do to get started with a new life. Read on to discover what else you or someone you care about can get started with immediately.

1. Working Alone In A Warehouse

  • Salary: $16 per hour.
  • Workload: 80% of positions are full-time.
  • High Demand: 42,043 warehouse jobs are available on Salarship

One of the best jobs for registered sex offenders is working in a warehouse. Usually, these jobs are relatively isolated—one of the good parts for sex offenders who people may look down upon in a work environment.

Working in a warehouse usually involves packing items for shipping, sorting through various objects, and organizing the warehouse. Typically, you’ll report to one or two people and be left alone throughout the day to do your job.

There’s minimal interaction with other people unless you work in a large commercial warehouse. This isolation can also create difficulty because many crave other people’s presence. Regardless, it remains an excellent option for sex offenders.

Most warehouse packer jobs don’t have any specific stipulations for background checks and so on. Usually, if you have decent references, you can get into this position—so this job is an excellent opportunity for sex offenders to start a new life.


  • Physical strength and stamina for long days
  • Prior experience working in a warehouse
  • Attention to detail
  • Great organizational skills
  • A high school diploma or GED

2. Jobs In The Construction Industry

  • Salary: $21 per hour.
  • Workload: 83% of positions are full-time.
  • Medium Demand: 7,995 construction jobs are available on Salarship

Working in construction is an excellent option for anyone, from sex offenders to anybody trying to build a new life in the United States. No matter what your background is, you can almost find a job as a construction worker.

One of the primary reasons for this is that the position is so needed. No matter the location, people are constantly building houses and buildings. This industry needs more hands than they have available.

Construction typically involves building houses and other structures from the ground up. It can also include things like clearing land and putting in inground pools.

One of the things that makes construction such a promising field for sex offenders is the lack of overhead authority and high pay. Employers usually watch sex offenders closely, albeit often unfairly. Being in a construction position can be a welcome reprieve from the prying eyes of those around them.

Construction is also one of the few jobs that pay very well. The hours are often long and hard, but it can be an extremely fulfilling position. 


  • A high school diploma—is preferred but not required
  • Experience in the area
  • Willingness to be trained
  • Maintaining a mild temperament
  • In good physical shape

3. Truck Driving As A Career For Sex Offenders

  • Salary: $35 per hour.
  • Workload: 92% of positions are full-time.
  • Medium Demand: 14,996 truck driver jobs are available on Salarship

Not all truck driving companies will hire sex offenders, but many will consider employing such offenders. This job can be an excellent fit for those who want to start over. It allows you to travel, choose your schedule to a large degree, and make choices for yourself.

Being a truck driver offers freedom, particularly for someone who doesn’t have the responsibility of a family. It’s not the best option if the sex offender has a family they care for because this job requires long stretches on the road and many hours away from home.

Background checks are minimal. The schedule is open, and there’s an opportunity to experience the world from a new perspective.

They may have multiple opportunities to interact with others and build relationships in an entirely different capacity from the past. Because you are constantly traveling to a new location, it allows the individual to present themselves as just another human being rather than automatically being labeled as a sex offender.


  • Obtaining a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)
  • Ability to travel long distances
  • Ability to lift heavy
  • Good communication skills

4. Restaurant Work Is A Great Option For Sex Offenders

  • Salary: $18 per hour.
  • Workload: 77% of positions are full-time.
  • Low Demand: 2,222 restaurant jobs are available on Salarship

Restaurants are everywhere, and while it may be a challenge for a sex offender to get hired at a formal restaurant, they shouldn’t have a problem getting involved in the kitchen or ‘back of house’ of an average restaurant.

Restaurants always need dishwashers, kitchen cooks, and many more positions. There always needs to be more hands to go around with this job.

Working at a restaurant allows sex offenders to have food available to put their money towards more important matters such as obtaining a stable home. In addition, you’ll learn a multitude of new skills while working in this kind of environment. Most restaurants thoroughly train their kitchen staff; these skills are typically transferable to other areas.

Unfortunately, this job is usually only available to sex offenders willing to work in the back of house in the restaurant. Front-end work always involves working with minors to some degree, which is almost always a big no-no for sex offenders.


  • Knowledge of governmental health regulations or ability to learn
  • Willingness to maintain sanitation procedures
  • Good communication skills

5. Online Jobs

  • Average Salary: depends on the position.
  • Workload: 90% of positions are full-time.
  • Medium Demand: 17,375 online jobs are available on Salarship

There are thousands of online jobs available nowadays. As technology grows and changes, this is becoming enormously prominent.

One of the benefits of working an online job is that there are usually minimal requirements apart from an ability to talk to others on the phone for customer service jobs or an interest in analyzing information for things like data entry. Of course, you’ll need access to a computer and the internet. While sometimes this is a challenge for sex offenders, it usually isn’t.

The individual can also obtain a position online with a simple application and phone interview. In some situations, interviewers may not require applicants to disclose their status as registered sex offenders. This process can be a considerable advantage to anyone with a criminal background.


  • Good communication skills
  • Access to the internet, phone, and computer
  • Attention to detail
  • Flexibility in schedule

6. Auto Mechanic

  • Salary: $25 per hour.
  • Workload: 90% of positions are full-time.
  • Low Demand: 295 auto mechanic jobs are available on Salarship

Working in the automotive industry is one of the best jobs a sex offender can do. In this kind of position, they’ll be able to grow a new skill and still work around other people but be in a more private space.

One of the best parts of working in the automotive industry is the lack of constant customer interaction. It can be overwhelming to deal with people, especially if someone has recently left prison. Still, friends are often heavily needed, and working in a small garage with only a few other people provides the perfect opportunity for this.

In addition, the work typically pays very well, especially if one becomes a full-time mechanic. On top of this, understanding vehicles is an enormously valuable skill to have. It’s easily transferable from place to place, and you can develop it into a business with only moderate effort.


  • Knowledge of technical and mechanical procedures
  • Strong reading skills
  • Able to lift heavy
  • Willingness to learn quickly and experiment
  • Strong communication skills

7. Sex Offenders And Temporary Agency Work

  • Average Salary: depends on the gig.
  • Workload: 55% of positions are full-time.
  • Low Demand: 163 temporary jobs are available on Salarship

Temp agencies are one of the best places for sex offenders to work. This suitability is because they bounce the individual around from job to job, and the appointments are always secure. The individual has to do very little work to get hired. Instead, they must only get hired by the temp agency and then let them do the work of getting you into a job.

This opportunity is a considerable advantage for registered sex offenders since they usually must disclose their sex offender status on every new application. All too often, this disqualifies them from being able to work anywhere. This scenario is unfortunate for those looking to start a new life.

However, once the temp agency has hired the individual, they aren’t required to do further interviews. Instead, they are plugged into various jobs as needed.

However, one of the disadvantages to this job is that the individual will have a minimal choice in what job they do, which can feel very discouraging to certain people.


  • Willingness to learn
  • Flexibility in schedule and position

8. Animal Shelter Work

  • Salary: $29 per hour.
  • Workload: 100% of positions are full-time.
  • Low Demand: 23 animal care jobs are available on Salarship

Animals bring healing to the soul in many ways. One of the best jobs for registered sex offenders is working at an animal shelter. Because many sex offenders are looking for a new start in life, they usually look for a place where they fit. Animals have long been a comfort to those struggling with recreating themselves, and this is no exception.

One of the best parts about this job for sex offenders is that they can experience the companionship they crave without judgment. In our world, sex offenders are often rejected from the moment that people find out about their status. Working at an animal shelter allows them to connect deeply with other living beings.

In addition, the duties typically don’t require any special skills. Usually, the tasks are easy to learn, and the person can feel like they’re contributing something rather than working a day-to-day dead-end job.


  • A high school diploma is preferred but not required
  • Patience
  • Willingness to learn quickly and experiment
  • Love for animals

9. Self-Employment For Registered Offenders

  • Average Salary: you pay yourself.
  • Availablity: no jobs are available right now.

One of the absolute best jobs for registered sex offenders is working for themselves. While companies can decide who works for them, if the individual works for themselves, they can rest assured that they are at no risk of losing their job.

It does take a fair amount of education to get started in self-employment, but it ends up all being worth it once you become established. Working a nine-to-five job can be difficult for anyone, but it can be incredibly challenging for those with a criminal background.

This job allows the individual to get to know other professionals in their local area, build relationships, build new skills, and much more. They’ll learn sales skills and other necessary life skills for moving forward.

One of the best parts of choosing self-employment for a sex offender is the opportunity to allow momentum to push them forward into a better life. It becomes a domino effect as they begin to experience success after success in what was once a hopeless situation.


  • The ability to self-start and be self-motivated
  • Flexibility in schedule
  • Networking skills

Is It Possible To Obtain Relief From Sex Offender Registration?

Many sex offenders wonder if there’s a way to obtain relief from needing to register as a sex offender.

Typically, a sex offender must register as one whenever they move to a new location and once a year for a certain number of years. How long they remain on the registry depends on the offense and varies by state. 

Usually, minor offenses such as sexual battery with an individual who is either disabled or mentally ill or things like indecent exposure require the sex offender to register for at least ten years. Each year they will need to place themselves on the registration list within five days of their birthday.

Secondary offenses such as lewdness with a minor under the age of fourteen and non-forced sodomy with a minor under the age of fourteen will result in the sex offender needing to register for twenty years. 

The law requires lifetime registration for those involved in the most serious sex offenses, such as rape, sex trafficking of children, and repeated sex crimes. 

It is possible to obtain relief from sex offender registration. If the number of years imposed by law has expired, you no longer need to register as a sex offender. However, there are also ways to remove it from your criminal record, depending on the severity of the crime. 

This process heavily depends on what the authorities charged the offender with committing. Usually, they place a sex offender on probation following a release from prison. The individual must complete a certain number of days of probation, and, dependent upon the offense, they may be eligible for expungement. 

The expungement takes the charges and conviction off of the individual’s record. However, you should know that even in this case, they still must register as a sex offender. It doesn’t have to be reported on job applications and the like, though, which is a huge advantage. 

This process isn’t available in every state, and you would want to look specifically at your state’s laws before moving forward. 

For more information about how this process works, check out this article on removing a sex crime from your criminal history.

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