10 Common Jobs That Start With S

10 Common Jobs That Start With S

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A job is any work you perform to earn cash to meet your basic needs, and it can be part-time, full-time, long-term, or short-term. You mostly earn a set paycheck or hourly wage in a job instead of a salary with benefits. Names of jobs begin with letters of the alphabet, and many common jobs start with S.

Here are 10 common jobs that start with S:

  1. Sales representative 
  2. Social worker
  3. Security officer
  4. Sous chef 
  5. Staff nurse
  6. Switchboard operator
  7. Stock clerk
  8. Service station attendant 
  9. Substitute teacher
  10. Swimming pool attendant

Let’s have a closer look at these 10 common jobs that start with S.

1. Sales Representative

A sales representative sells services and products on behalf of a business. 

The work includes identifying prospective clients, providing information about the business’s products or services, or convincing new clients to purchase items or services. You’ll need a certificate, diploma, or degree in marketing, business, or related fields.

Whether big or small, all businesses require a sales representative, so sales representatives are in great demand. To succeed in this job, you need to be highly motivated and have good communication, negotiation, and public speaking skills.

2. Social Worker

A social worker improves people’s quality of life by supporting them through difficult times. As a social worker, you use your professional training to make tough decisions that affect people’s lives. 

You need at least a Bachelor’s degree in social work to excel in this job.

As a social worker, you need some attributes such as empathy, patience, good listening skills, and firmness. You can work in government institutions or private institutions such as hospitals,

children’s homes, or schools. 

Your work entails working with the homeless, the elderly, alcohol and drug abusers, young offenders, and other populations.

3. Security Officer

A security officer protects the assets or lives of people and is uniformed. As a security officer, you guard your employer’s property, including business premises or home, to deter inappropriate and illegal actions. 

Therefore, you need to be physically fit, observant, honest, and highly motivated.

Security officers are in high demand as they can work for individuals, government, private companies, and other high-profile places. You need a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent qualifications to become a security officer. 

You also should pass a background check and have a security officer’s license.

4. Sous Chef

Sous chef means “under-chief of the kitchen” in French. So, a sous chef ranks after the head chef in a commercial-grade kitchen. 

The work of the sous chef includes planning and directing the presentation of food on the plate, maintaining high kitchen standards, creating work schedules, and training new chefs, among other things.

You can work as a sous chef in hotels, cruise ships, convention centers, or restaurants. To succeed as a sous chef, you should have training in the culinary profession and experience working under a head chef. 

You should also be creative, a quick thinker, a good leader, patient, and passionate about your work. 

5. Staff Nurse

A staff nurse works in a healthcare facility providing routine healthcare to patients. When you are a staff nurse, you report to higher-ranking healthcare professionals. The work includes welcoming patients and taking vital signs such as: 

  • Blood sugar 
  • Blood pressure 
  • Pulse rate
  • Temperature

To become a staff nurse, you need at least a nursing certificate. You can work in different hospital areas, including emergency, pediatrics, intensive care, and maternity departments. 

You should also be empathetic, patient, and friendly with the patients.

6. Switchboard Operator

A switchboard operator is an individual who assists callers by answering the phone and connecting the callers to the proper departments or people. A switchboard operator handles both internal and external calls. 

You can work as a switchboard operator for hospitals, schools, and other medium and large companies.

To work as a switchboard operator, you need at least a high school diploma, but having some switchboard operators training would be an added advantage. In addition, you need to be a good listener, bubbly, have good communication skills, and be patient, friendly, and efficient.

7. Stock Clerk

A stock clerk is in charge of the stockroom or store of a business or company. The work includes: 

  • Checking stock levels
  • Keeping stock records
  • Ordering new stock
  • Receiving new inventory
  • Replenishing stock

A stock clerk can work in companies or businesses such as hardware stores, grocery stores, warehouses, and others.

If you want to become a stock clerk, you require a high school diploma and some bookkeeping and inventory control knowledge. In addition, you should be physically fit, highly organized, attentive to detail, and have excellent customer service skills and integrity.

8. Service Station Attendant

A service station attendant works in a place that sells gas, oil, motoring accessories, food items, and other things. The work includes: 

  • Help customers with oil, gas, and tire pressure for their vehicles.
  • Sell food items. 
  • Clean vehicle windshields
  • Check water and oil levels
  • Fix tires

You need a high school diploma or equivalent to succeed as a service station attendant. You see, you’ve to prepare daily reports of car accessories, oil, fuel, and food item sales. It’s also good to have a driver’s license, basic vehicle knowledge, good customer service skills, and be energetic and honest.

9. Substitute Teacher

A substitute teacher teaches students in a school when the regular teacher is absent. The school can call upon a substitute teacher to teach any academic subject. The substitute teacher follows and continues with the lesson plans left by the regular teacher while maintaining student productivity and discipline.

A substitute teacher can work in multiple government or private schools. 

The qualifications of a substitute teacher may vary depending on the region but aren’t as strict as those of regular teachers. Since substitute teachers work in different schools, they need to be adaptable, patient, confident, and passionate.

10. Swimming Pool Attendant

A swimming pool attendant works around the pool establishments like schools, hotels, or homes. The work includes: 

  • Welcoming pool users
  • Ensuring the comfort and safety of the pool users
  • Cleaning the pool area
  • Handing out, gathering, and cleaning towels. 

He can also serve as a backup lifeguard if the need arises.

To work as a swimming pool attendant, you should be a strong swimmer and have some lifeguard and first aid training. You should also be helpful, caring, pleasant, and patient while dealing with different pool users.