Freelance Writer: Information for Job Seekers

Do you want to work as a freelance writer?

Good news, I have gathered all the crucial information you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in!

What do freelance writers do?

Freelance writers get paid to write:

  • Web content (blog posts, product descriptions, web pages, etc.)
  • Video and radio scripts (Youtube video scripts, podcast scripts)
  • Emails (marketing emails, newsletters)
  • Press releases (for small businesses and online companies)
  • Magazine articles
  • Newspaper articles

Key duties

  • Content research: Analyze what competitors are writing about. Conduct keyword research.
  • Content writing: Write engaging headlines, outline the article. Create SEO-optimized content that attracts visitors from search engines.
  • Teamwork: Work with marketing teams to audit existing content (analyze metrics like click-through rate, conversion, social shares). Help editors to come up with content ideas.
  • Promotion: Publish content on social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Medium, and Twitter). Promote articles on third-party websites and guest post on partner publications.

How to get hired as a freelance writer

Do you want to land freelance writing jobs?

First, there are some skills you need to master.

Qualifications and requirements

Not everyone has the qualifications to work as a freelance writer. The typical requirements include:

  • A good grasp of grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
  • A portfolio that shows excellent writing and editing skills.

You also need to master basic freelance writing skills:

  • Creativity (creative thinking is crucial to adapt the writing to the audience).
  • Research skills (it is crucial to gather information from multiple sources).
  • Understanding Search Engine Optimization (online writers need to publish articles that attract visitors from Google).
  • Communication (writers need to work with marketing teams).

It takes at least a few hours to learn the ins and outs of the job. If you want to get an edge over your competition, feel free to read our guide: How to Become a Successful Freelance Writer.

Who hires freelance writers?

Consider contacting these employers if you want to land freelance writing jobs:

  • Content farms
  • Blogs and websites
  • Magazines
  • Small businesses
  • Individuals

Working conditions

For this position, you can expect a salary of $22 per hour (on average).

The good news is that the working hours are very flexible.