Tutor: Information for Job Seekers

Do you want to work as a tutor?

Good news, I have gathered all the crucial information you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s dive in!

What do tutors do?

Tutoring is all about sharing the beauty of a subject with students who have a hard time understanding it.

As a tutor, you get the opportunity to help others in need. Maybe this is why teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs!

Key duties

  • Review classroom topics and assignments.
  • Assist students with homework, test preparation, and other academic duties.
  • Help students understand the concepts learned in the classroom.
  • And most importantly: help students learn, grow, and get better grades!

How to get hired as a tutor

Do you want to land tutoring jobs?

First, there are some skills you need to master.

Qualifications and requirements

Not everyone has the qualifications to work as a tutor. The typical requirements include:

You also need to master basic tutoring skills:

  • Communication (tutors need to make complex ideas easy to understand)
  • Assessment of your students’ ability (tutors need to make sure students are up to par)
  • Being a role model (students look up to their tutor)

It takes at least a few hours to learn the ins and outs of the job.

Who hires tutors?

Consider contacting these employers if you want to land tutoring jobs:

  • Students
  • Online tutoring platforms

Working conditions

For this position, you can expect a salary of $20 per hour (on average).

The good news is that the working hours are very flexible.

Career prospects

Academic positions (teaching assistant, assistant researcher, Ph.D. student) often require teaching experience.