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Position Summary

This positions provides a critical role in linking those in need of emergency assistance or non-emergency service with the most appropriate qualified Public Safety or Facilities resources while assigned to the 24/7/365 Public Safety Command and Control Center. The CCC Technician will triage all telephone calls for service, monitor Building Automation systems and Security Systems for alarms, alerts, fluctuation, adjustments and/or emergencies. As such, will be responsible for radio dispatching the appropriate personnel, trouble shooting applicable systems (Building Automation System (BAS) and Public Safety Systems) for causes and potential remote interventions.

The CCC Technician will possess the ability to multi-task triaging telephone calls, radio dispatching personnel and monitoring systems, while providing excellent customer service. The Technician will be proficient in the both Public Safety and Facilities software, programs and communication systems, including Two-way radio, access control, CCTV, infant abduction, security alarms, video intercom systems, Visitor Management System, Computer Aided Dispatch and Report Management systems, Building Automation Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, and Pneumatic Tube System.

Position: Public Safety Command and Control Center (CCC) Technician-6

Department: Public Safety

Schedule: Full Time

Essential Responsibilities / Duties

  • Operates, monitors, maintains and controls computerized Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Public Safety systems as required, while responding to life safety issues, emergencies and service requests
  • Triages all incoming telephone calls into the C&CC to obtain all necessary information to assesses the appropriate resources and assist callers in a calm, civil, and professional manner.
  • Uses good prioritization skills to manage multiple calls and situations simultaneously.
  • If necessary and possible, keep callers on the line to provide safety instructions to the caller and gain scene insight to risk and hazard to provide to responders.
  • Will be able to assess situations and activate emergency procedures that relate to matters requiring immediate or urgent public safety, medical or law enforcement or other external intervention.
  • Utilizing existing two way radio equipment and technology to communicate to public safety, facilities and mechanical venders in the field.
  • Ability to learn, understand and utilize established policy, procedures and training to provide safe, effective and efficient service to the Boston Medical Center Community.
  • Possesses the ability to become familiar and knowledgeable of all Boston Medical Center buildings, addresses, facilities, layout of streets surrounding the campus and any other significant areas of the community so as to maximize the accuracy, safety and speed of dispatch.
  • Maintaining accurate and complete records of all activity occurring in the C&CC, responses by personnel in the field and completion and tracking of progress of Facility work order system.
  • Be proficient with the procedures for computer operation, data entry, data retrieval, and data modification capabilities for the in-house, CJIS and LEAPS computer systems. Maintain the highest degree of confidentiality for CJIS, HIPPA and private information.
  • Disseminate law enforcement information concerning wanted persons, stolen vehicles, missing persons, and other law enforcement information as may be received by the LEAPS computer system, telephone, radio, or other means.
  • Responsible for managing the Mass Notification system (Send Word Now) to provide safety or notification to a larger group of for systems issues, unusual occurrences or disaster phase notification.
  • Responsible for working with internal and external technicians and venders to ensure all Faculties, BAS and Security systems are operating properly, serviced as needed and maintained in good working order.
  • Initiates trending and alarming of systems through the BAS, Creates log and issues reports through monitoring of the BAS
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned or required.

Skills and Ability

  • Must be proficient at multi-tasking and prioritizing multiple calls for service requests and emergencies.
  • The ability to learn, understand and operate, with proficiency, all public safety and BAS systems and technology managed in Command and Control Center including but not limited to Systems include Building Automation Systems (BAS) technologies, Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), telephone and radio equipment, recording and playback software, Access control and alarm monitoring software, CCTV equipment and Law enforcement based systems and software including CJIS and LEAPS.
  • The ability to successfully complete associated training/certification requirements and maintain on-going proficiencies.
  • The ability to maintain composure during stressful and demanding situations, while projecting confidence and control, even in stressful conditions.
  • Must be capable of working various shifts (day, evening and overnight) as well as weekends and holidays. Willing to work overtime hours when necessary to meet operational needs.
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communications skills in person, on telephone and over the radio.

Must adhere to all of BMC’s RESPECT behavioral standards.


High School diploma or an equivalency certificate issued by the Massachusetts Department of Education.


Preferred – Associates Degree or higher

Knowledge of Building Automation systems and Emergency telecommunication training and experience is preferred

Req id: 25289

Employment type: full-time.

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