Working as a Petsitter for Wag!: Is It Worth It?

Wag! is one of the most popular dog sitting app.

If you love dogs, there are many ways to make money on Wag!:

  • Dog walking (most in-demand): stroll with someone else's dog for 20, 30, or 60 minutes. Wag! tracks your GPS coordinates, so the owner can see where you're walking their dog. Once you're done with the job, you fill in a pup report with information on the walk time, distance, and poop update.
  • Dog sitting: go to the owner's home and take care of their dog.
  • Dog boarding: care for a dog overnight in your own home.

I can't imagine a more enjoyable way to make money on the side!


Based on reviews, you can expect to earn $15 per hour (in average) + tips.

How to sign up for Wag!

You can sign up on this page: on their website.

You can download the Wag! app on the App Store and on Google Play.


Taking care of someone’s pet is a responsibility to be taken seriously.

That’s why Wag! offers free dog training!

Once you get your certification, they will reward you with liability insurance. Now, you don’t have to worry that the dog you care for is hurt or causes an injury.

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