15 Data Entry Jobs From Home

A data entry clerk doing her job from home.

If you’re looking for easy and flexible jobs, data entry may be of interest to you.

Data entry jobs are more or less exactly what they sound like. They’re jobs that involve entering data. Data entry encompasses several occupations:

  • Describing or identifying an image
  • Entering up-to-date prices
  • Transcription of audio notes
  • Subtitling
  • Tagging and annotating data
  • And more…

You are typically asked to perform on-demand tasks that computers are unable to do. However, data entry jobs do not have a high barrier to entry. You need experience with computers and basic clerical skills.

Pay for data entry from home mostly depends on your occupation. It ranges considerably, from as little as $3 per hour up to $15 per hour. All in all, data entry is a low paying-job.

Here is a list of online companies that hire data entry clerks in 2019.

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical Turk, or “MTurk” as site users call it, is the biggest microtask website. You are asked to perform what Amazon calls Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs):

  • Localization and transcription
  • Audio editing
  • Surveys
  • Data annotation for machine learning

Taskers are rated for quality of work, and attention to directions. The higher your score, the more likely you are to get hired.

Some jobs may require you to complete a qualifier. That could mean taking a quick test from MTurk to validate your skills.

If you want to apply for easy online jobs, you can visit the official website of Amazon Mechanical Turk.

2. Scribie

If you are looking for audio or video transcription, Scribie may be of interest to you.

The work involves listening to audio files of phone calls, interviews, podcasts, videos, webinars, ect. and typing it as accurately as possible. The minimum requirements are:

  • Good comprehension of English
  • Ability to interpret conversations
  • Ability to apply context and identify mistakes
  • A verified Paypal account

Payment is between $5 and $25 per audio hour  (not the actual time spent working on). Once your work is done, you’ll be paid via PayPal.

If you want to work as a transcriber, you can visit the Scribie’s official website.

3. SigTrack

SigTrack hires independent contractors to enter voting-related information such as processing voter registration and tracking petition signers. These important jobs require workers to maintain at least 98% accuracy.

SigTrack only hires American citizens (the application process includes a verification your identity).

SigTrack mostly offers seasonal work during the elections. If you want to know if there are available positions, you can visit the official website of SigTrack.

4. Capital Typing

Capital Typing started out doing just typing and transcription services, but quickly expanded into data entry, translation, and online customer service.

Independent contractors are paid per audio hour transcribed or per word. So there is no guarantee of a minimum wage.

Check out their website for employment opportunities.

5. Gotranscript

GoTranscript is a web-based transcription and translation company. They seek to hire freelance transcriptionists to perform the following tasks:

  • Audio transcription
  • Video transcription
  • Translation
  • Foreign subtitles
  • Captions

The best transcribers can earn up to $1,200 per month (average earnings per month are $150).

If you want to work as a transcriber, you can check out their website.

6. Working Solutions

Working Solutions was created in 1996. The company hires independent contractors for both call center and data entry jobs.

Agents earn anywhere from $9 an hour to $30 an hour, depending on the program. Your income will vary, based on the work you are doing, your performance, and how much work is available.

Check out their website for employment opportunities.

7. Remote.co

Remote.co is a resource for workers that see remote work as an opportunity.

They have a page dedicated to data entry jobs on their website. If you have excellent typing skills, an excellent attention to detail, you might be able to snag one of these jobs.

Since this is an open listing, the salary mainly depends on the employers.

Visit this page of their website to view all their data entry jobs.

8. Microworkers

Microworkers lists short tasks that employers need to be completed.

You are paid about a dollar for a task that takes 3-4 minutes. Most of these tasks are basic data entry tasks that require no training or special skills.

If you want to perform on-demand tasks, check out their website.

9. Rev.com

Rev.com is a web-based transcription and translation company. They seek to hire freelance transcriptionists to perform the following tasks:

  • Transcript
  • Captions
  • Foreign subtitles
  • Translation

You are paid between $0.36 and $0.75 per audio/video minute.

If you want to work as a transcriber, you can check out their website.

10-15. Freelance websites

Freelance websites are platforms that connect people looking for work and employers.

All you have to do is create a freelancer account and look for data entry jobs. These positions are sometimes referred to as “data entry clerks” or “keyers”.

Here is a list of the most popular freelance websites:

  • Fiverr – the world’s largest freelance services marketplace.
  • PeoplePerHour – a website where freelancers can bid on jobs.
  • Upwork – a platform that connects top companies to talented freelance workers.
  • Flexjobs – for about $15 a month, you get access to a list of remote jobs.
  • TopTal – through a rigorous screening process, TopTal identifies the best freelancers and connects them to potential employers.

On these websites, you have access to thousands of on-demand jobs. Therefore, choice is definitely the best advantage of these platforms. On the other hand, this also means that your income and your workload are unstable and inconsistent.

Final word

As I said in the introduction, data entry is a low paying-job. However, you can stack a few different data entry jobs to increase your income.

Good luck!

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