Student Jobs in Honolulu, HI

From summer jobs to part-time jobs for college students, “the big pineapple" offers many student job opportunities to make money on the side.

Honolulu, HI, 96801

DoorDash needs to hire delivery drivers (dashers) near Honolulu, HI! As a Dasher, your job is to make deliveries on behalf of those local restaurants and grocery stores. Whenever a customer...

Honolulu, HI

An alternative to personal driving jobs is available near Honolulu! The city of Honolulu needs drivers like you to keep everyone moving forward. You can use your vehicle to earn money on yo...

Honolulu, HI

Rover needs a dog walker near Honolulu! If you love dogs and want a side job that is low stress, working part-time as a dog walker might be a good fit for you. As a professional dog walker,...

Amazon Flex
Honolulu, HI, 96801

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More Jobs for Students in Honolulu

Whether you're a novice or a post-graduate, finding employment for college students in Honolulu, such as campus jobs, is a breeze. Some institutions in Honolulu offer student employment listings that include on-off campus positions, seasonal jobs, and other student work opportunities.

Here are universities in Honolulu with job postings for college students on their websites include:

With numerous facilities accessible, obtaining well-paying campus employment, summer jobs, and other part-time work for college students in Honolulu is simple. Also, here are some job suggestions!

How to Make Money as a Student in the City Of Honolulu

Are you seeking side jobs that don't require further training or education? Ideally, as a student, you want a job with a flexible schedule that allows you to choose when and how much you work.

Some of the side jobs include:

  • The delivery driver
  • Organizers
  • Personal assistant/household assistance
  • Party organizer
  • Representative of customer service
  • Dog walker or pet sitter
  • Babysitter or caregiver

You might also explore taking part in focus groups, selling your wares (shoes, dresses, bags, etc.), and working at fairs or festivals. So, consider getting a micro job in Honolulu if you want to add a weekend or part-time employment to your calendar. Also, there are various temporary task-oriented opportunities available with no commitment and are super easy to do.

Top Tips That Can Help Students Save Money In Honolulu

Keeping that cash while your pals are squandering it can take some willpower! However, it will pay off in the long run.

Here are some ideas to help you keep your hard-earned money:

  • Set your budget and stick to it.
  • Sell the unused items online.
  • Create short-term saving goals.
  • Increase financial literacy and invest wisely.
  • Consolidate your debts.
  • Avoid dining out frequently, cook more and save more.
  • Minimize your spending.
  • For gently used (and sometimes brand new) appliances, go to Honolulu Habitat for Humanity's ReStore or Re-use Hawaii.

Working as a Student in Honolulu

Honolulu is the capital and largest city of Hawaii, a U.S. state nestled in the Pacific Ocean. It is a significant international commercial, financial, hospitality, and military security hub in both the state and Oceania. Honolulu is Hawaii's principal international gateway. The city has a blend of Asian, Western, and Pacific cultures, as seen by its diversified population, food, and traditions.

Honolulu is one of the world's most prominent and sought-after surfing locations, with ideal conditions for surfing all year. The crescent-shaped shorelines, together with the coral bed, shield novices from strong winds and heavy surf, making it perfect to surf. Once trained, you can even be a surf instructor or coach and give surfing lessons to the tourists.

The city is thriving with opportunities, including summer jobs and other student jobs.

In conclusion, there are several job opportunities for college students in Honolulu. Working and studying can be a tricky tightrope walk. However, finding rewarding student employment and effectively managing your time, on the other hand, will set you up for a great future.

Good Luck!