Student Jobs in Houston, TX

From summer jobs to part-time student employment, “Space City” has space for everyone!

Houston, TX, 77001

DoorDash needs to hire delivery drivers (dashers) near Houston, TX! As a Dasher, your job is to make deliveries on behalf of those local restaurants and grocery stores. Whenever a customer...

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InboxDollars is hiring a survey taker in Houston, TX! Marketing research firms want to know your opinion. As a survey taker, you are expected to enter accurate profile information (age, gen...

Houston, TX

An alternative to personal driving jobs is available near Houston! The city of Houston needs drivers like you to keep everyone moving forward. You can use your vehicle to earn money on your...

Houston, TX

Rover needs a dog walker near Houston! If you love dogs and want a side job that is low stress, working part-time as a dog walker might be a good fit for you. As a professional dog walker,...

Amazon Flex
Houston, TX, 77001

Do you want to make money delivering packages in Houston? Great, it is possible to work as a package delivery driver for Amazon Flex. To sign up, you will need to complete a form, downloade...

SweetCup Gelato & Sorbet Originale
Houston, TX

We are looking for part time and full time store associates to carry us into the next six months to a year. Hourly pay ranges based off experience ($10-$14) and employees also receive tips....

Houston, TX

***UP TO $6,000 SIGN ON BONUS PER TEAM****. *Students are welcome with qualified school*. Paid Every Friday, Redirect health Available,. $80,000 – $100,000 a yearFrom Indeed – Thu, 12 May 2...

Houston, TX

Current High School or College students may apply. Company established in the Houston area for 22 years is looking for Bilingual High School and College… $1,500 a monthFrom Indeed – Sun, 08...

More Jobs for College Students in Houston

Whether you’re a freshman at Texas Southern University or a post-graduate at Rice University, finding jobs for college students, including campus jobs or summer jobs, in the Houston area is super easy. Some universities, like the University of Houston, have student employment listings that share campus jobs, summer jobs, and other student jobs on offer.

Other universities in Houston that have jobs for college students listed on their sites include:

  • Rice University, offering college work-study jobs and on-campus jobs for students,
  • University of St. Thomas, which has a handbook full of on-campus, work-study, and part-time jobs for college students,
  • Houston Baptist University, where campus jobs can serve as financial aid for college degrees, and where there are plenty of other jobs for college students on offer.

Jobs for college students are notorious for paying less than minimum wage. But with the abundance of resources available, finding well-paid campus jobs, summer jobs, and other part-time jobs for college students in Houston is super easy. Choosing a student job that’s the right fit for you, however, may be somewhat of a challenge. Here are some ideas!

Unique Job Opportunities for Students in Houston

While Houston offers a wealth of campus jobs, summer jobs, and other ready-made jobs for college students, if you know how to spot opportunities, you can always create your own, too.

Houston is a populated potluck of different cultures, and the expressions of these come in various art forms. Houston’s Museum District alone attracts more than seven million visitors annually. And where there are tourists, there is opportunity – opportunity that can create jobs.

People who come to Houston in search of culture are likely seeking out guidance from locals. Airbnb Experiences is a great place to advertise your expertise in all things Houston.

Perhaps you’re a history major and already have a wealth of knowledge about greater Texas or Houston specifically. Or maybe you know about all the best skate parks in Houston. It could even be that you have the Texas Two-Step down to a T and have a passion for sharing these moves with others. With a bit of creativity, most skills and passions can be turned into summer jobs. By creating an Airbnb Experiences offering, you will have the added benefit of connecting with travellers from across the country and farther afield.

Another benefit of hosting Airbnb Experiences is that you’d have flexibility of choice. Because this is a freelance opportunity, you get to decide when you want to work, which means you won’t have to sacrifice your study time.

Ready-made campus jobs typically include opportunities such as library attendant, teaching assistant, or café barista.

Holding Onto the Money Earned From Student Jobs

Earning extra cash with campus jobs is one thing. Holding onto that cash while all your friends are spending money on regular visits to Axelrad Beer Garden and other attractions in Houston can require some discipline! In the long run, however, it will pay off. While your friends will be starting their first jobs – fresh out of college and flat broke – your investments will have already started working for you.

Here are some ways to hold onto those precious earnings:


If you know how much you have coming in from your campus jobs, you will know exactly how much you have to put away and spend on essentials. This will mean you also know exactly how much you have left over to paint the town red in Houston.

Easy on the takeout

Coffees and takeout are convenient, especially for students. And if your budget allows, you can certainly include this in your budget for emergencies. However, these daily expenses really do add up. Try making your own sandwiches and coffee to take to class.

Buy second-hand textbooks

There’s no reason to always buy new. Buying second-hand is the smart (and green) way to go. With textbooks, you may even find some helpful notes left by previous students. Score!

Time-management: Balancing student jobs and study

Campus jobs, summer jobs and other occasional gigs won’t tend to interfere with your studies. But if you are a bit more serious about your side-hustle or regular part-time student jobs, finding enough time to devote to work, studies, and relaxation can be a bit of a struggle.

Here are some helpful tips:

Schedule your time

Remember that your studies are your priority. Start by jotting down assignment deadlines and dates of tests and exams. Also mark out blocks of time that you will need to work on or study for these. Next, schedule any other commitments you may want to meet, such as family commitments or friends’ birthday parties.

Now, you will know what is left over to devote to your student jobs.

Avoid time drains

Five minutes here, five minutes there. It all adds up. Maybe you tend to check your social media every few minutes. Perhaps you have that friend that keeps messaging you, or the view outside your window is just too interesting to ignore. Make sure that you do what is necessary to keep these triggers from draining your time. Switch off the phone or close the curtains, and focus.

Make time to unwind and exercise

With a busy workload, it can be easy to compromise on relaxation, exercise, and sleep. While this may buy you some time in the short term, burnout will eventually negatively affect both work and study. Think of exercise, sleep, healthy eating, and relaxation as investments in your success.


Houston is the United States’ fourth largest city in terms of inhabitants. The Houston metropolitan area is home to some 7 million occupants, with the Houston city center housing approximately 3 million. It’s no wonder, then, that Houston is brimming with opportunity, and this includes summer jobs and other student jobs.

In summary, there are plenty of readily available campus jobs, summer jobs, and other opportunities for college students in Houston, or you can even create your own! Being a student working part-time can be a difficult balancing act. But finding rewarding student jobs and successfully managing your time will most certainly set you up for success in the future.

Go get ‘em!