Student Jobs in Huntington, IN

We have gathered many student jobs in Huntington to help you earn some extra cash whether you are a college student or not.

Huntington, IN, 46750

DoorDash needs to hire delivery drivers (dashers) near Huntington, IN! As a Dasher, your job is to make deliveries on behalf of those local restaurants and grocery stores. Whenever a custom...

Huntington, IN

An alternative to personal driving jobs is available near Huntington! The city of Huntington needs drivers like you to keep everyone moving forward. You can use your vehicle to earn money o...

Huntington, IN

Rover needs a dog walker near Huntington! If you love dogs and want a side job that is low stress, working part-time as a dog walker might be a good fit for you. As a professional dog walke...

More Jobs for College Students in Huntington Indiana

Many students do jobs during high school, college, and university. Some want to earn some extra cash. At the same time, others want to gain experience in a professional and practical environment. This will help them when they start their career after completing their education.

Finding jobs for students has become very easy these days. Some options available to students in Huntington are summer jobs, campus jobs, part-time jobs. Furthermore, Huntington University has an employment page for students:

How to Make Money as a Student In Huntington

The jobs available for students in Huntington may vary in nature and pay. Student jobs often pay less than the minimum wage. However, finding the right student job is easy because of the abundant resources. Even Jobs for high school students have become easy to find.

Part-time jobs can help students earn some extra money for a better living standard. Students who are facing financial issues tend to choose this option. These jobs often have an hourly wage rate. So students often determine how many hours they want to work. These jobs may include being a waiter, valet, housekeeper.

Students can also get on-campus jobs at Huntington University. These jobs are often not that difficult as you can choose from various on-campus positions. Students can choose the job they think they are best at. These jobs may include internship, office assistant, house manager, lab assistant, library assistant, teacher assistant. Student employment programs offered by the university often become the best learning experience for the students.

Huntington bank offers internships to students to let them gain experience. It is a good learning experience that can let you earn some extra cash.

How to Deal With the Expensive City During Student Life

The hardest thing about student life is to manage your expenses when away from home financially. Even if the city is not too expensive, students often face these financial issues. No matter how organized you are, you'll have a hard time managing expenses of lodging, food, tuition fees. Moreover, when your friends plan a night out, you can't say no. You can earn money, but it is difficult to hold on to it with all these expenses.

Here are some handy tips that can help you in saving money:

  • You can estimate how much you will earn from your job. So, you can plan all your necessary expenses timely. This budgeting lets you know how much you will have remaining after all your essentials to enjoy life in Huntington.
  • Takeouts are convenient, but the daily expense of takeouts can be burdening. So try making your food and coffee to save money.
  • Campus jobs and summer jobs won't take much time and don't disturb your studies. However, If you are doing part-time jobs, it becomes difficult to manage work and studies. So, when doing part-time jobs, make appropriate arrangements that you manage studies as well as your job.